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Thread: Overloading a Sage 99 6 wt....or not?

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    Default Overloading a Sage 99 6 wt....or not?

    About 18 months ago I purchased a Sage Z-axis 696 on ebay to be used as a nymphing rod, particularly on bigger waters. I love my Z-axis rods at 9', but have never liked this 9'6" rod. Its end is too whippy or soft.

    I'm thinking about selling it and buying a Sage 99, specifically a 699. I like my reel, spools and line (6 wt.) which seem right for my goals.

    Previous posts to this forum, however, recommend overlining the Sage 99. In other words, I would purchase a 599 and fish it with my 6 wt. nymphing or Rio gold lines.

    Nobody in this area has these rods to test drive. I'm looking for input from anglers with on-water experience with the Sage 99 rods. Thanks.
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    Default Re: Overloading a Sage 99 6 wt....or not?

    I had a chance to demo these rods. For the 699-4, I like using an eight weight Rio Steelhead/Atlantic Salmon Taper or a seven weight Rio Indicator Taper (which is really an eight weight line). By uplining by two line sizes, the rod is loaded deep into the blank to throw an open loop for all the hardware associated with indobobbicating.

    Unlike other Sages the 99 rods are not casting sticks. They are fishing sticks. When standard overhead casting a 99, the caster doesn't feel anything special compared to a Z-Axis, ZXL, or a TCX. When the rod is fished with all the appropriate rigging, the caster will notice how easy it is to sling the indobobbicator rigging.


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