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  1. Default Adding weight to your nymph

    I'm very new to fly fishing. I bout a 5wt St Croix rod and a Ross Fly Start #3 real last year but did not use it that much. Steal Head season is here and I would really like to get out soon. My question is how would I add weight to a nymph? Do I use a split show and if so do I put it right about the fly? Any guidance on setting this up would be great.


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    i like to tie on my split shots so the dont move. ive been doing that ever since i started fly fishing. it will crimp your line but ive never lost a fish because of that knot. just say your throwing a nymph or an egg under an indicator, i start between 8 and 12 inches above the fly and if you want more weight seperate the next one about 4 inches higher. if you want more weight, now you can just crimp one on to each shot thats already tied on. the knot is just a simple overhand knot. you say that you have a 5wt, thats a bit light for steelhead. im sure it can be done, but you should be in the range of an 8wt. where are you fishing?

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    North Ohio. Chagrin, Cuyahoga, Grand, and Rocky Rivers usually 1/2 mile from lake Erie.

    Why would a 5wt be to small for Steal Head?

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    im fishing about an hour east of you. ashtabula, conneaut area. you can catch a fish on any rod but steelhead are averaging 6-10 lbs but there are some 12+ lb fish in there. an 8wt has a fighting butt on the bottom of the rod and theyre alot more stout for those big fish. plus an 8wt line you can throw further and turn over more weight. have you caught a steelhead yet?

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    hey i fish those rivers for steelheads you can either use split shot or weighted flies. I put my shot about 12-15 inch above my fly and also sometiems used a spawn pattern with a beadhead nymph dropper tied off the bend of the hook..
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    I bought my Fly Rod last summer and only used it a couple of times. My goal this year is to really learn how to fly fish. I never caught anything on it. I have only fished these rivers for smallies. I have mastered these rivers when it comes to fishing for small mouth. This year I want to learn to fly fish for Steal Head and Small Mouth.

    Any pointers would be great.

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    Hi sonicimpulse,

    The best way is to use a weighted nymph. The next would be to add weight of some kind to the leader. Some like the putty type of weight that is applied to the leader. I like split shot and there are different ways to fasten it. There is also the Tobbies system that uses a plastic sleeve to hold the shot to the leader.

    Here are some of the ways I fasten split shot.

    1. I fasten the tippet to the leader with a loop-to-loop connection. Then fasten your split shot to the tippet loop above the loop knot. This is the method I use the most. The tippet loop knot will keep the shot from sliding down the tippet.

    2. You can tie a blood knot Loop in the leader and pull it as tight as you can get it. Now cut off the loop and the knot remains on the tippet. Place the split shot above the knot.

    3. You can also use the removable type of split shot. You lay the tippet into the split. Now wrap the tippet around the split shot and lay the second wrap of tippet into the split. So I have the split shot with the tippet in the split and wrapped around once so there are two wraps of tippet in the split. Now crimp the split shot closed. The wrap around loop will hold the split shot from sliding down the tippet. You have to have the removable split shot with the wings. The wings will keep the tippet from slipping off the back side of the shot.


    Removable Split Shot

    Orvis Tungsten Sink Putty


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