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    Default Let's see your fly fishing boat

    Curious to see what types of boats people are using around the country for fly fishing. Post up some pics!

    I'll start with mine, a 13' Gheenoe, a flats boat common across Florida bc of it's affordability. It's been fun developing my knowledge of wiring and fiberglassing as I improve the ergonomics of the boat for fly fishing. The most recent project is upgrading the trolling motor battery and moving it out of the bow towards the middle of the boat. It's a good project for those weekends I can't get out fishing.

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    Default Re: Let's see your fly fishing boat

    Here's mine, a 2017 Ankona Cayenne.


    I spent a year shopping for a new boat before deciding this was the best boat for my needs in my price range. I'm not strictly sight fishing in shallow water -- that's about a third of my fishing -- and the extra freeboard in this hull gives me a fair bit more latitude for wind and wave than the typical flats skiff hull. It can get quite gnarly on the waters I fish on, from South Park to the Sandhills.

    Before this boat, I spent about five years building out and fishing from this 1436 jon boat.


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    Default Re: Let's see your fly fishing boat

    Me in my WS Commander 140 from several years ago. It only lacks range, otherwise, it’s an almost perfect spot, stalk and shot platform.

    I did fish out of a Gheenoe once, they are rare here in Texas. It was fun. I think it was a slightly bigger model, seems like it was 16’ or so, and there were two of us, one polled, the other fished. We also got out to wade fish. The one I was in didn’t have an electric motor on the bow.

    Sometimes, I go in the canoe. Or an aluminum Jon boat. Or a pontoon.

    Or my buddy’s 22’ Blue Wave. We’ve used that boat to mothership in kayaks to some remote, far away spot too shallow for the power boat.

    Another friend has a 23’ Shoalwater which is big, shallow running boat made here in Texas. It’s very roomy and a great platform to fly fish from or hop out to wade.

    On those big power boats, I usually set up in the stern and the captain runs the troll motor off the bow.

    I like fly fishing from a boat or using the boat to get to some place to wade.

    Those boats are pricy to buy and equip and seem to run into maintenance issues, but there’s always the ever reliable human powered Commander kayak.
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    Default Re: Let's see your fly fishing boat

    My old Sportspal 14' serves me well. I have a little 30b thrust motor on the back that moves it pretty good and a fully charged battery will go all day long. I generally don't stand in it but on the occasions that I have, it is stable enough.

    The biggest thing for me when I was buying a canoe was the ability to lift it in and out of the truck/water by myself. This is pretty light...I think in the 50 lb. range.

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    Default Re: Let's see your fly fishing boat

    84 Grumman and 89 Champion.


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    Default Re: Let's see your fly fishing boat

    My father bought this Lincoln canoe in 1968
    I've had to replace the seats, but other than that, it's still in great shape

    Maine '12 050.jpg

    The red one is mine. A Perception Aqua Terra. About 25 years old

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    Default Re: Let's see your fly fishing boat

    This is mine. Nova Craft 16 foot Prospector. Normally it's not so full of water and it has gear in it.

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    My favourite of our boats. Locally made, 27ft Panga style. Casting decks fore and aft.

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    Default Re: Let's see your fly fishing boat

    Here is my NFO Rampage pontoon, getting set to float the Gunnison river, CO:

    Here is my 2016 Clackacraft Eddy all packed and ready to hit the river:

    Here is another shot of the drift boat covered with Caddis:

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    Default Re: Let's see your fly fishing boat

    after deciding to move to Colorado from florida sold this after 12 years of enjoyment....too pretty for a trolling motor


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