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ejnovinsky 03-19-2009 08:28 PM

time for the eyes!..need some pointers..
havent posted in a while, been preparing for the walleye run, and now its here. We are going out to the river saturday, and I will be the first person that anyone I know has heard of trying to fly fish for walleye. heres how I plan to do it, and my last minute questions.

Im using 6 weight forward floating line, with about an 8 foot section of 14lb mono as a leader, the water is only chest deep at worst, maybe a little worse, but the fish are near the bottom, so I need something that will be able to sink fast before the current sweeps it away. Ive been tying wooly buggers, and bass streamers on #4 hooks weighting them with lead wire, and tungsten coneheads. Anyone see any issues with this setup? any improvements?

the people there are wall to wall....Ive been practicing my roll casts since I dont think Ill have much room, and as I dont need tons of distance, or finesse I think this will be good practice in the field.

heres the questions
how do I deal with the fast water?

what kind of presentation should I use? I mean since there is no retreive to speak do I get my fly down to the walleye, and keep it there long enough for them to take it without it getting swept into everyone elses lines?

needless to say this may be a total failure, there is a extra spinning rod with jigs and grubs in the truck, but Im going to try it....if for no other reason because I cant find anyone else who has....

any critique is welcome, any ideas, tips or anything is welcome.......who knows I may be posting a pic of myself with a monster eye come saturday night, they will never have seen lures like Im going to throw so maybe that will give me an edge?


mcnerney 03-19-2009 09:49 PM

Re: time for the eyes!..need some pointers..
Wall to wall fishing doesn't sound real fun, but that is the way people fish on the Russian River during Alaska's salmon season. I haven't fished for walleye, but if they are on the bottom, I'm wondering if the same fishing technique would work. When standing shoulder to shoulder, casting doesn't really work, instead play out say 15-20 ft of line and let the current take it down stream, once the line tightens, pull it to the surface and then lobe the rig upstream and then fish it like you would in Czech nymphing, as the line floats downstream lift the rod higher and higher keeping very little line on the water and as the rig passes your position start lowering the rig, all the while bottom bouncing the fly. This will require quite a bit of weight to get to the bottom depending on the current. It might not work but it would be worth a try since roll casting in close quarters will be interesting to say the least, but then it might be a good way to get a little elbow room once your neighbors see how your fishing maybe they won't want to tuck in nice a close. LOL!


peregrines 03-20-2009 07:02 AM

Re: time for the eyes!..need some pointers..

Larry gave you great advice. If you're hemmed in by crowds and fishing from shore, "short line nymphing" may be the only way to go. Larry gave you a very good description on how it's done.

Bring some split shot along to add 12" above your fly in case you need it. You want to be deep enough to feel your fly ticking along the bottom occasionally.

You may also want to have a leader/ tippet length that is about 1.5x the depth of the water. If you're using an indicator, 1.5x the depth of the water below the indicator.

If you do get some room, you can air it out a little with longer casts angling up stream, followed by an upstream mend of fly line to allow the fly to get deep in fast current. Follow the flyline with the tip of your rod as the fly bounces downstream and let it swing in the current below you. You may get something to whack it as it comes off the bottom.

Having some flies that ride hook point up (like clousers) might help reduce snags on the bottom.

I hope the crowds aren't too bad, it sounds like the water depth is perfect for targeting them with a fly rod. Sometimes you can get away from a lot of folks by walking 200yds from the parking lot. If that is an option it might be worth it, as well as getting there early to get some shots in before the crowds arrive.

Good luck!


mcnerney 03-20-2009 08:34 AM

Re: time for the eyes!..need some pointers..

Be sure to post a trip report following your walleye fishing trip. We would all like to know how you did and maybe from your experience on the river you can pass on some pointers on what to do and what flies seemed to work. Like I said earlier, I have never fished for walleye.


darkcahill 03-20-2009 10:13 AM

Re: time for the eyes!..need some pointers..
Well to get you excited!!!

ejnovinsky 03-21-2009 05:33 AM

Re: time for the eyes!..need some pointers..
thanks for the ideas everyone, Im waiting until a little later in the day to go (noonish) its supposed to be sunny and in the 50's. Im hoping the the sun draws them to the shallower water as it warms, plus itll give the morning rush a chance to get in and out, theres plenty for eveyone hopefully, Id be happy to walk away with one!

ejnovinsky 03-21-2009 05:46 PM

Re: time for the eyes!..need some pointers..
got burned today, the water was just way too fast....not many people suprisingly...might be a little early yet, but so hard to fish the fast moving water, I may go back down tommorow if I get a chance.....

darkcahill 03-21-2009 10:03 PM

Re: time for the eyes!..need some pointers..
Does the area you fish have a shallow weed bed around it. If it does fish the edges of the weeds. You'll be amazed at how many Walleye you will pull out of those weeds.

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