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    Default Re: SA/Hardy reel help please

    This is interesting and if I had to make a call , I would have picked the disk drag for the same reasons Mike stated but some of the points Ard brings up have me giving it a second thought. I am not trying to determine one is better than the other , just that there may be advantages overlooked. These thoughts and question didn't start with examining these particular reels , they came from a conversation I had a few weeks ago. I was up on the SR suiting up and talking with the fellow doing the same parked next to me. We chatted about presentation under the conditions we faced and one thing lead to another. I consider myself a pretty good judge of character , it's a necessity to survive in my bussiness. This gentleman was reserved however generous with his thoughts and had an extensive resume fishing salmon & steelhead both US & abroad yet he didn't brag about it rather I had to pull it out of him.

    We talked about setting up the swing , making the cast and other key points that confimed my thoughts but I also learned a few things. Eventually, we touched down on gear and reels and this gets interesting. Some of his key comments are nearly identical to what Ard has stated , thus I have one opinion from a resource I am 100% is talking from experience and another that my instinct tells me is an opinion based on experience and not just an allegence based entirely tradition or nostalgia.

    Now don't get me wrong here, I'm not jumping ship and send my Abel or Domain off to ebay, just saying there are some important factors mentioned that are worthy of consideration. Prior to thinking this thru I would have dismissed it as just a tradition thing but now I'm having second thoughts.

    I have to admit I don't find everything technology to be better , it drives me ape sh*t when everyone is married to their iphone , particularly with the help at work. Some people couldn't find their way out of the supermarket without the GPS.

    Anyway, enough with my ranting and back to the topic...

    Intersting points & thoughts Ard, now I'm wondering if taking the technology away might just force the "slowdown" and proper handling/landing/fighting or whatever one wants to call it ?

    BTW - the Gentleman I was talking with had a pretty strong opinion the gear reel was superior to the disk drag for salmon/steelhead however I believe in the salt his preference was the disk.

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    Default Re: SA/Hardy reel help please

    Quote Originally Posted by flytie09 View Post
    Hardy was making these for SA. The one on the left is based on the Hardy Viscount round check check design from the late 60s that was rebranded and became the SA system 1 series sold in the US in the early 1970s. So it is a SA System 1 #11 reel made by hardy.

    The reel on the right is the redesigned dual check by Hardy. The SA System 1 sold so well in the was later marketed in the UK as the Marquis. Sale of the dual check design Marquis continued until it was retired a couple years ago.

    These reels are commonly dated by the script used and it's orientation on the back of the frame. I don't have definite dates for all of this. You'll have to dig this up.....Ebay is a good source as many of these are sold today used with the original paperwork. Without seeing the rear script...I can only say it's a post 1980s SA System 1 Hardy made reel.

    This double pawl version is reversible... and is rather loud.

    To answer the question of what style reel would I suggest a new Steelheader purchase? A good quality disc drag reel...without question. The ease of adjustment, lack of maintenance and superior stopping power makes it a no brainer. Newbs could care less about nostalgia or mystique....they just want to land one of these majestic creatures. We can talk history after they land a couple.
    Thanks Mike !

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    Default Re: SA/Hardy reel help please

    I have caught Atlantic salmon on both Hardy spring and pawl and more modern disc drag reels, trout of course too. I recommend the reels with drags that are machined rather than cast, are smoother, have tighter tolerances, larger arbors and are quitter. Just because you have a drag to stop a tuna doesn't mean you have to crank it on down...yes light settings are there too plus more if you wind up needing it. This is not about reel technology as much as understanding the fish and how to engage with them under stress, their stress, it is in our advantage to remain calm. Even big Abels have palming rims, use them but judicious use of a smooth drag facilitates landing fish somewhat sooner helping a healthy release.

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