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  1. Default Need help picking sinking fly line

    I'm looking for some advice on picking a fly line to use that sinks. Will be fishing off of a pontoon boat in a big inland lake. I'm thinking I will need a fly line that sinks deep for bass and pike. This lake is really clear also.

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    Hello sonic, while I'm not one that pontoons anymore I do still fish lakes and I use a floating line with a 9' leader that sinks. Typically I'll use unweighted leech patterns that I count down and that with the 9' leader will eventually sink the front 10 or 12 feet of the fly line. I then slowly strip the fly back to me and I'll get bass easily at times.

    That being said, a sinking line will get your fly to depth much faster if you're in a hurry. If you just want to sit in the tube and fish deep without a lot of casting that will work fine. The drawback for me anyway, is that when it comes time to cast it feels more like work than fun.

    To answer your question though, you might try a flyline with a 10' sink tip. Your fav fly shop might have a loaner, either that or you'll have to bite the bullet and buy something. For that purpose I really like my TT Wulff with sink tip.

    Back to why I use floating lines even when I want to fish deeper, well I'm not in a hurry and during the countdown I observe my surroundings and I see why I'm really there if I'm lucky. Except for the sappy part, I hope some of this helps !



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    The depth you're fishing will determine which lines you'll get. In fact, start saving and get most of them. I'm not yanking your chain, especially if you fish lakes or reservoir's that are in the 15' to 40'+ deep range.
    Lake fishing you'll see times when you'll want a intermediate, type II,III V, and a VII. And they can be all in the same day. I use a II and VII a lot. There's a lot of new lines out by Rio, Airflo, SA and Cortland special for sinking.
    A 4'-6' leader of straight fluro will do the trick at the end of your line.
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    Default Re: Need help picking sinking fly line

    I use Rio lake sinking. 3-4 inches per second. I like it.

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