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    Default Re: How to connect line to leader?

    A few years back, I discovered the SA L2L Reconnect connectors. I thought they were the hot stuff for a while. Then I lost confidence in that little twist-loc on any fish larger than maybe 16", especially in running water. I never lost a fish due to the loc coming undone, I guess it was a mental problem. I was looking for a connection that wouldn't get hung up in the guides of my 4wt or 5wt. Every once in a while the L2L would hang for an instant and I'd lose my concentration( I guess). Anyway, like some of you have mentioned, I went to a section of red amnesia line nail-knotted to line. I bought a tool to help in tying the nail-knot and I don't miss the L2L's. Anybody else feel the same?

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    Default Re: How to connect line to leader?

    First of all, those L2L connectors are a crutch. Don't even think about using them.
    The Cortland 'chinese finger loop' connections are perfectly good as long as you keep your eye on 'em. They will wear and you may have to switch them out as much as every season, depending on the amount of use.
    The loop that FrankB2 suggests is not good as he describes. It should be either shorter of about 4 inches or less, or as a full length longer butt of at least 4 feet. The most important aspect of this being that it has the same flexibility as the line tip
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rip Tide View Post
    First of all, those L2L connectors are a crutch. Don't even think about using them. . . .
    Rip Tide, I could not disagree more. The L2L Reconnect leader system works just fine. The only leader change system that works as fast is the loop-to-loop, but in addition to their problem of hanging up in the rod guides unlike the L2L's, the loop-to-loop connections are also prone to "hinging" on the cast, unlike the L2L's. Plus the L2L's give you a sight indicator for fish strikes. I have never lost a fish due to an L2L connector. While my fly-fishing is limited to trout, I cannot count the number of 20-25"+ trout I have landed using L2L Reconnect leaders with 5x+ tippet.
    On the whole, I'd rather be in Wyoming . . .

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    Default Re: How to connect line to leader?

    I universally use a butt section connected by various amounts of 9 wrap nail knots.
    I freely admit to using a nail knot tool and carry one in my vest at all times. They are worth the $5-10 investment.

    For my 10wt my system is flyline,-3 nail knots to a mono or braid butt section(depending on situation) on the head staggered in the bottom 4inches. It is easiest to tie the top one first and leave plenty of tag end to tie the other 2 or 1 depending on how you want to fish. The butt section would be 12-18inches with a loop at the end. A perfection loop was mentioned earlier that is probably the best solution. Then your leader will loop into this section. It allows for the leader to break without damaging the fly line, or in a worse case the butt section breaking before the fly line itsef.

    A little wordy... but I hope it helps. For lighter tackle, simply lighten the line weights and put the amount of nail knots down to 1 or 2.

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    For lighter weights like a 3-6 wt, it would look something like this...
    fly line-nail knot-mono section 12-18in-perfection loop-looped leader with loop connection.

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