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    Quote Originally Posted by axle27 View Post
    No red tips, but could it be a Fallfish? I've caught them in the same waters as trout.

    Fallfish Picture and Information

    Don't know if you've checked out this site:

    The Virtual Aquarium of Virginia Tech--Minnows
    Oh, I missed this in my cross-post yesterday, Axle, but definitely not a fallfish. I'm pretty familiar with them from my PA days, but that was a good thought. I caught a 17-incher once on a fly rod in smallmouth water. Can't say I was disappointed to see what it was when I landed it -- anything that big's fun!

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    Sounds like a redtail minnow. They grow to 12ins and more. Like golden shiners bait fisherman dump them in at the end of the day and they reproduce and grow.
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    In Vermont we have what is comnonly called a Red fin shiner. They sometimes reach 5 to 6". I found this link. Might be a match.Redfin Shiner
    PS: Northerns love them!

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    Might be pumpkinseeds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jcl View Post
    I'm sure this will be fun with no pictures, but here goes:

    I was fishing in central VA on the South River and started catching a type of fish completely new to me. They were about 5 inches long and silver, and kind of looked like a fat minnow or goldfish even. They had red tips to their fins and tails, and three dark vertical markings on their sides.

    I talked to a friend in Georgia who's also caught these fish (but doesn't know what they are), so I assume there's at least some spread to their range.

    Any ideas?
    Can you take a photo? It would make things a whole lot easier. You have a shiner there named the Crescent Shiner, but the 3 bars is not quite right. There are some aqaurium fish that fit that description. I don't remember the exact name of the fish, but they look a lot like a Tin Fil Barb but have the vertical bars you describe. A Clown Loach has the right number of bars but is more yellowish than silver. If you can get me a photo I can ID it for you. Till then it's just a guess.

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    Could have been a redfin shiner. Here is a picture, sure hope it comes through! If not, Goggle will find it for you!

    Both the redfin and rosy shiner (hard to tell apart) are found in Virginia and Google can tell you a lot more about them if you are interested.

    Okay, here is another one I thought of. The Striped shiner, It is also found in VA and you will note, is often caught by fly fishermen.
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