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  1. Default 3wts and big fish

    Just wondering from people that fish with a 3wt how do they handle 20"+ fish? The reason I ask is that I fish spring creeks with brood stock fish getting over 20"+. Most people use a 3wt on these creeks, but I can't imagine fighting a 24" fish on a 3wt? I know you don't have to worry about the rod, you have to worry about the tippet. But I can't imagine a 3wt putting too much pressure on a big fish?

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    I'm going to say it's more the time getting the fish to the net than anything. With a 4w or 5w, you can get them under control and into the net or to hand faster.
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    I agree with the netting. I would think you are more apt to kill that big fish.

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    Default Re: 3wts and big fish

    Joni agrees with Mojo...not surprisingand i agree with I agree with Mojo(cqfd)

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    Quote Originally Posted by jbbfly View Post
    Joni agrees with Mojo...not surprisingand i agree with I agree with Mojo(cqfd)
    Actually, it is a surprise, we have been married a very long time, but heay, it is the Holidays...LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joni View Post
    Actually, it is a surprise, we have been married a very long time, but heay, it is the Holidays...LOL
    So in other words Mojo don't get used to it it was only a gift!

    I can't add anything to this conversation as I agree with both of you!
    -Tom Wilson
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    It could be tiring on the fish, but if its a small enough spring creek he wont really have that much place to run. 1. You can learn how to put pressure on a big fish to tire them out quickly. 2. You can use a lighter leader so if things go on longer then you want you just snap the leader. 3. If you have a good warranty on the three weight rod test its limits. Bring a spare.

    I caught a 23" rainbow on my 3wt this year in a lake and had no problem whatsoever. The only problem is if they they dive to the bottom in a lake, or bottom of the pool in a creek, its almost impossible to lift them unless you can apply the right pressure to make them want to move.

    Not that i'm encouraging it, but when you start getting into wild fish 25"+ is where i would be scared of using a three weight. I do a lot of my trout fishing with my 9' 4 wt, and my 10' 6 wt.

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    Default Re: 3wts and big fish

    Fish in a lake..Vs.. Fish in moving water..on a 3wt

    Two completely different applications..
    Moving water so many forces against you and the fish.One needs to be prepared for the fight of it's life cause that's what the fish thinks..

    Over play and moving water = fish that don't recover well..unless you take the time to revive and insure that your catch lives a breaths another day..
    Still water..problems still exist temperature of surface water sometimes can be detrimental to your catch..

    Don't forget.. hot water to a brain the size of a pea = brain damage..
    Fish don't know, fish cant tell..every thing they do is impulse and warp that little mind and the stupid things forget to breath..

    Just saying light tippet gives your target a fighting chance..That's what this sport is about anyway no?
    We've all mastered the treble hook and worm dunk..we chose this method because its sporting and respected..
    Do yourself a favor and your target..if you know a spring creek holds a pig... target it with the appropriate tackle..

    I have four hay'penny in my pocket and I just gave them to you..

    Remember to put your toys away when your done playing with them.

    Merry Christmas!


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    I remember back a few years. We were camping off the side of the road at Strawberry where a small creek entered. (Since then, this section has been closed to fishing and no camping)

    Anyway, I walked to the creek with a #16 Elkhair on my Scott Eclipse 3 and began hooking some fun 4" to 6" trout.
    The guys came out of the motorhome and said, lets grab our pontoons and go out.
    I took the Eclipse with me rather than walk back to the MH.
    While out on the lake you could see fish rising everywhere. So, I thought, why not.
    This lake is known for large strong fish, but what the heck.

    It was the coolest thing I had ever seen. I cast my Caddis out and it sat there for a second. Then you could see swirls heading towards it, then BAM! Fish on! 6X tippet so, I let it run, then I would reel, and back and forth. I tried ever so slightly to muscle and PING! It was gone...what a rush, but I have never done that again....or at least with a 3 wt.

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    Default Re: 3wts and big fish

    I have caught some big fish on a 5 weight rod however I used tippet that was up to the task. Having done my time on spring creeks I was faced with similar problems, big fish and how to and I learned to catch fish using streamers. Seldom did I use a leader under 8 pound and my average fish was 14". Fourteen inch may not sound big but I am presenting an average here, there were bigger fish and there were smaller fish but the usual was over a foot in length.

    Could I have done this using a 3 weight and 7X tippet? Possibly but with all the additional time it would have taken to land all of the fish I would still be in Pennsylvania trying to get a nice brown trout to shore. Those people who regularly target two foot fish on 3 weight rigs would be on the same page as someone hunting Moose with a 22. No doubt it can be done but it is going to be hard on the Moose. I am a person who takes more pride in telling you how quickly and efficiently I land a fish than how long the fight lasted. This sometimes results in fish coming loose from my hooks as I direct them to where I want them but I am alright with that. I land more than I loose.

    Wet flies on heavy leaders when presented carefully are my best method for catching trout, steelhead, and salmon. Its all about the leader.................


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