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Thread: Wright & Mcgill Fly Reels

  1. Default Wright & Mcgill Fly Reels

    Does anyone recommend the Wright & Mcgill fly reels?

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    Default Re: Wright & Mcgill Fly Reels


    I can't stand to see a persons question go unanswered. Personally I have no experience with the reels but I'm sure they will do the job of dispensing and retrieving fly line nonetheless. If you are doing general fly fishing for trout or pan fish they should be just fine. If you are venturing into big game fishing and considering one then some prominent factors must be considered such as the capacity for backing and drag capability. You will also want to take into account diameter and weight when making a decision but if you like them that is the number one point for you.


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    Default Re: Wright & Mcgill Fly Reels

    I haven't used them, don't know anyone that has, and haven't seen much info about them. They don't seem to widely available in fly shops either. If you're looking at the Flygirl or Dragonfly at about 180 bucks a pop, I think I would look elsewhere.

    What will you be fishing for?

    To a large extent that will determine how much reel you "need"... beyond that consideration there are many different brands at different price points, depending on your budget, with a more widespread following--- and better warranties. At the same price point for example, you might want to consider the Lamson Guru or Ross CLA, and for less there is the Lamson Konic at around 120 or recently discontinued Lamson Radius that are also on sale for around 120ish. And again depending on what you're fishing for, there are a lot of less expensive options as well.


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