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Thread: Fishing in Texas???

  1. Default Fishing in Texas???

    I recently graduated college and it looks like I'll be moving from South Carolina to Houston, TX very soon to start a career.

    I hear redfish are really fun to fish for off the coast, but does anyone know if there are trout waters anywhere in East Texas??? If not I'm sure gonna miss the mountain streams of the Blue Ridge mountains around here and suppose I'll have to get used to warmwater fishing....

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    Default Re: Fishing in Texas???

    I would guess east TX. is a no trout zone but I would say you have a chance in the panhandle up around the Mescalero Apache Indian reservation. I was there in 1981 and remember some good looking brooks.

    That is just a guess, I did not fish there but it looked like the best spot in TX. I've ever seen.

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    ha, i'd kill to live near the coast, all i got is warm water!
    Texas FlyFishers of Houston
    this club is based in houston, i'm sure they will have trips and tournaments you'll get into which will hopefully get you excited to go after those reds! and there is always trout somewhere along the coast, and you can actually eat these without feeling bad for not releasing it!

    Rainbow Trout Stocking Schedule
    this is a trout release schedule for all of texas, they usually release once the weather gets stays below seventy degrees for your area. you can find streams close to ya there

    hope ya love texas, and if you ever go to a college football game here, make the right choice and make a good olde' aggie game! we never lose! we just run out of time!

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    Default Re: Fishing in Texas???

    The only real trout fishery in Texas is the Guadalupe. It is listed as one of the top 100 trout streams in the US and it is approximately 3 hours drive from Houston. It has a managed trophy trout zone for 11 miles below Canyon Dam near New Braunfels. It has some quality stocked fish. There are some holdovers and some can be caught year round. The average size Rainbow caught this year was 16"-18" with a couple caught ranging 28"-30". Mostly, it is a put and take fishery with the prime fishing from late November - April. From May through September you have the rubber hatch as the river is a very popular tubing and rafting recreation area. Fishing can be difficult during that time. I would suggest you check out Guadalupe River TU, which is the largest TU chapter in the US with over 4,000 members. They do a great job of making sure there is some quality trout fishing in Texas.

    There is some quality warm water fishing in the rivers and streams of the Texas Hill Country. You might want to get yourself a copy of Fly Fishing the Texas Hill Country by Kevin Hutchison. He just came out with a completely new and revised edition. It would be a great introduction to fishing in Texas and it includes a large section on the Guadalupe. You can contact Kevin directly at 512.589.3474 or to get a copy. You might also want to check out

    The Guadalupe Bass is a native Texas fish and only native to a few streams in the Hill Country. It is often referred to as the Texas Trout. It is definitely a bass, but behaves in a lot of ways like a trout. It is a ball to catch.

    Don't despare. You may not get the trout fishing you are accustomed to, but there is plenty of quality fresh water fishing to be had in Texas. Welcome to Texas and if you ever have any questions or need any info let me know.

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    Default Re: Fishing in Texas???

    TU did a show on the Guadalupe a couple weeks ago. Looks to be everything that txbevo says. Definitely worth checking out. The show was made in conjunction with Guadalupe River TU and they mentioned that the chapter has a section of the river that is set aside for members who pay to fish, I don't know the details but check with Guadalupe River TU.


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    Default Re: Fishing in Texas???

    Yes, the GRTU has a lease access program. In Texas the vast majority of access points to rivers are private. GRTU works out leases with businesses and private land owners to provide access points to the river. It costs $95 per year. Some of the money goes to paying for the leases and a lot of it goes to paying for fish that GRTU stocks at those lease locations. This stocking is above and beyond what the state stocks. It is the main reason you get bigger fish in the river. Several of the leases are exclusive to GRTU and it gives you the opportunity to access and fish spots away from the very crowded public access sites. This has been my first year to participate and it has been worth it in my opinion.

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    Thank you all for the information; very helpful!

    So if I'm going to fish rivers I'm going to have a pay a fee pretty much? There's not a lot of public access is what it's sounding like...and I'm guessing if there is it's probably un-Godly crowded.

    I'm very happy to hear that there's a trout stream not too far, and that coastal fishing should be a blast, but now I'm worried about finding a place I can just go to and fish without worrying about paying fees and such...

    And by the way MikeyBob: the majority of my family either goes to or graduated from A&M so if I cheer for a team in Texas it'll definitely be the Ags (went to a hockey game when I came to texas to interview and was very impressed with Aggie team spirit! Ags killed in the hockey game too!)

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    Default Re: Fishing in Texas???

    Didn't mean to scare you about the river access. Yes, it can sometimes mean certain spots are crowded. That is mostly true during the trout stocking times. Those dates are publicly posted and can draw crowds at certain access points. However, one one of the best Hill Country rivers (and my favorite) I have accessed via public access points several times and never seen another angler. There are plenty of public access points for free and plenty of water to fish that is not crowded.

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    You betcha! I was in SE Oklahoma about a month ago on the Lower Mountain Fork River. My son-in-law took an entomology class there with Robert Woodruff ( as our teacher. We have the state record rainbow I believe from this river. While in class I found out we had several members of the Houston Fly Fishing CLub. Get with Rob and he'll fill you in. Great fishing! Beautiful scenary! Grat people. Go to the Three Rivers Fly Shop ( Linda and Jesse King and crew will give great directions and have a pretty good selection of flies and equipment. Tell them I sent you. They won't hang up on you.
    Bob Lang
    Edmond, OK

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    Default Re: Fishing in Texas???

    our friend in Alaska got the wrong state...the Mescalero Reservation is outside of Riodoso NM. The Guadalupe is good, but as many have said, can get crowded. I like the LLano and Perdanales. and you are not that far from some good fishing in Arkansas on the White River. Lots of folks fly fish for bass and bluegill.... You'll lovefishing the cost if you try it. Welcome to the Republic...Get you some boots and a pair of Wranglers and you'll fit right in.

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