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Thread: New to the world of fly fishing

  1. Default New to the world of fly fishing

    Greetings all,

    Being new to fly fishing, and very anxious to get out, I was wondering what are some basic flies and poppers for bass and blue gills.

    Thanks in advance for your help!


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    hey welcome! i'm also fairly new to the world, but i'm going to tell ya what everyone else is going to tell ya, wooly buggars and poppers! you want bright colors for the poppers! yellow red black (so long to the) orange and white ( WHOOOP! GIG' EM!) wooly buggars i usually use black with green/red/white chenille, or full red, white or green.

    i hope you catch more fish than i did my first time out! (only one is neccessary)

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    here's a site i ran across a week or so ago....

    fresno, ca.

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    these are my two favorite flies for bluegills and crappie. check em out!

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    Default Re: New to the world of fly fishing

    Hey BPW, welcome to the board.

    Where abouts are you? What weight rod do you have? and what kind of bass will you be chasing SM or LM?

    There' s a lot of stuff that will work anywhere, but there might be some good patterns to include depending on where you fish and what you fish for-- for instance you'd want crayfish imitations and some clouser minnows for stream smallmouths, and/or bass poppers for LM in small ponds with lily pads. Basically you want to have stuff that will cover different layers of the water column. Here are some examples of some basics...


    Top water panfish poppers size 10 or 12, foam spider with rubber legs size 12, and maybe a couple sturdy dry flies with lots of hackle for good flotation size 12 or 14 (some examples are Royal Wulff, Humpy, Elk Hair Caddis). Depending on where you are, it might take a while for water temps to warm up before they'll whack stuff on the surface, but you'll have a ball when they do.

    Sub surface- Bead Head Pheasant Tail Nymph size 14 or 16, Bead Head Gold Ribbed Hare's Ear Nymph size 12 or 14

    For Large mouth-
    some topwater stuff like some bass bugs or poppers size 6,

    something that dives or suspends at mid depth size 6 (Dahlberg Diver or Marabou Muddler in yellow, white or black),

    and something that will get a little deeper like a Bead Head Woolly Bugger size 6 or 8 (Black, Brown and Olive) would be great choices.

    Topwater- Gurgler or pencil popper size 8,

    Mid depth- minnow imitations like a Zonker, Black Nosed Dace, or Muddler Minnow size 6,

    Deep water Chartreuse Clouser size 6, crayfish pattern size 8, Bead Head Woolly Bugger size 6 or 8


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    Hey Mark,

    Thanks for the welcome! I reside in Chicago, and I recently purchased a 6wt rod. For the most part I will be chasing LM bass, as well as an occasional smallie when I am not fishing locally.

    The LM are in a nearby pond (40+ acres) which was stocked 6-7 years ago with a number of species other than LM (Walleye and bluegills). I normally fish near the lily pads or small fallen trees or stumps that are in the water when using my spinning rod. and was hoping to have the same success with the fly.

    Thanks for the recco's for the various poppers and flies. I will be heading to Cabela'a tomorrow and will be sure to pick some of these up while I am there.

    I will soon venture out with the fly for the first time.

    Hopefully I will hook a fish and not myself

    Thanks again Mark!


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