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    Most of you know I "FISH", with fly rods, spinning rods,baitcasters, for trout, bass, walleye and what ever I just "FISH" I also fish bass turnaments. I got the new BASS yesterday and started reading, about halfway into the thing I come across a story about fly fishing, I thought what the hell is a story about flyfishing doing in BASS. It was wrote as a funny story, but getting into it you could tell it was kinda trying to talk folks out of getting into flyfishing for fear of people trying to get it leagal to flyfish in tournaments. I thought what does it really matter??????????? If a guy/gall spends 5,000.00 on an entry fee and wants to throw a deerhair popper, shouldnt he/she be able to? What are these guys really worried about?

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    That is interesting! Wonder what they would be afraid of, seems like a spinning rod would have a big advantange in a bass tourney.


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    maybe the fly guys would end up showing them up! haha
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    I think they (the staff @ Bass) might believe that most fly fishers not only practice catch & release but are a bunch of bird watching tree hugging whack jobs.

    If you let us into Bass Tourney's we'll muck it all up because we'll be too worried about how you are treating the fish or how much gas & oil someone spilled in the lake or river.

    Am I a whack job? Well.........................humm, I guess, kinda, just a little.


    They are just playing safe trying to protect the cash cow that they have there. I have no problem with them or what they do and would not discourage anyone from participating in Bass fishing by whatever means they would wish to employ.

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