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    Quote Originally Posted by iv_wjb View Post
    I promised myself I would not add to this thread as I have already said enough but, I had exactly the same experience, FWIW.

    I would encourage anyone having similar problems to give the Brave web browser a try, if only for this forum.
    Yep. I followed someones advice, maybe iv_wjb's, and Brave completely handled it. I love having the screen stable again. Brave also offers some other privacy options for someone who wants to participate in those areas of internet protection or start learning about them. For example, using DuckDuckGo for a search engine that does not track your searches, or pairing with the TOR browser for anonymous internet browsing.

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    I come here less because of all the adds. A annual fee would be nicer than all the garbage that pops up. I also look at 6 other forums that don't have adds, mostly fishing forums. Now I'm getting adds popping up in the forum with a post.
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    Using the Adguard extension in Chrome freed me from Ads on this site.... One doesn't have to install and buy the application, merely install the extension for your browser.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ard View Post
    Here's some food for thought regarding Paid Membership to a forum. We have here a fairly good group of active members who seldom need any type moderation at all. Now imagine a guy who paid 30 bucks to post here being told that he is getting out of line in his dialog. I want a refund would be the very next thing typed.
    As an administrator, I'd gladly give it to him and remove his account. That sounds like a cheap and effective way of keeping the content quality of the site high.
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    Think I will move on, can not even read anything on here or type this!

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    I am using a Mac Pro with Safari, Ad Block Plus and Duck Duck Go for a search engine. I get adds for McAfee anti fraud software that comes and goes on the right side of the screen and takes up about 1/4 of the width.

    I also have that X in the low right corner than when closed will allow more screen to the bottom.

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