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Thread: Passive by G Loomis

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    Hello, I have a 7'6" #4 rod with reel I got at a yard sale and I am looking for information on this rod. All my searches have turned up nothing. Does anyone know anything about this little Blue Gill killer ? Thanks

    Oh, BTW I looked for the "Introduction" forum but like my other search came up empty. I occasionaly fish the rivers in N. Ohio for spring time Steelies with my brother who is ate up with fly fishing. Not much in the way of cold water down southern Ohio where I live.

    Anyhow, thanks in advance for the info on my first fly rod!

    Before someone gets all excited I am not thinking my #4 will land a 30" steelie. Blue Gills on farm ponds !



    I still laugh when I hear my brother talk about strike indicators......................... Dude, it's a bobber! HAHA!

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    Hey Hooligan, welcome to the forum. Sounds like it would be perfect for bluegill.

    Haven't heard about that line of Loomis rod, is there any other writing on it? Their entry level rod models are now called "Phase One" and "Xperience"...


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    the 4 weight rod will land some bigger fish...i just purchased a 3 weight...and for fun i caught some 5 lb rainbows on it...the fights were great, but i wouldn't recommend anything larger that that on such a small rod...the pressure put on the rod is pretty for the gillies go...great rod, you'll have loads of fun!!

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    After closer inspection the model name is Passage not passive. I swear to y'all I CAN read. In my defense I think it was after 2:00 am when I tried to read the writing on the rod. There is no other writing on the rod other than what I have already supplied.


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