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Thread: new to fly fishing sorta of

  1. new to fly fishing sorta of

    im now semi retired. got my first social security check in feb. we have an annual trip planned to fayetteville, ar in the last week of april. i found a golf resort in heber springs, ar on the little red river. last year we bought a bass boat. so i decided to try fly fishing while we are there with an aim to also fly fishing for bass and bluegills here in mississippi. i had done this previously but it was in the 1950s (boy that seems like a long time ago). of course the equipment we used then prob would not be acceptable at all to most members here, but we caught a lot of bluegills and bass on popping bugs.
    of course my wife is less enthusiastic than i am but maybe she will like it. i hope so. we need something else to supplant the golf.
    my first purchase (ebay) is a scott eclipse fly rod (9 ft, 6 wt). i plan to match it with a airflo balance reel 5/7. im planning to bid on a winston ascent 9ft 6 wt rod also.
    as near as i can tell from a lot of internet research, this size will allow us to fish a lot of types of fish.

    mostly i read and dont post but im happy to be a member here.

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    Hey Tom, welcome to the board.

    You may be interested in checking out this fly fishing club- I believe they're near you in Jackson:

    Magnolia Fly Fishers

    A club is a great way to get up to speed, meeet new friends, try out gear that belongs to other members, get casting help, local where to go what to use info, and participate in group trips to local or far off waters.

    The 6 weight is a pretty versatile weight. Finding one rod to do everything can be a little tough-- the 6 is a good compromise for both panfish and bass, and would also be a decent freshwater trout rod if you do some of that in AR. That whole area is a world class trout fishery and a lot of guys on the board fish there a lot.

    I guess there are a couple ways you could go. Getting 2 6 weight outfits for you and your wife is one way. But if your wife is a little less enthusiastic than you are, you might also consider getting two different weights that are close enough that you could still fish together for stuff, but are different enough to be better at some things. For example since you already have a 6 weight you could get a

    4 weight- panfish would be a blast on this light rod, but it will be tough casting bass sized poppers. It would be considered a small stream small fly fly rod for trout.

    5 weight- this is more or less the ideal all around trout rod, also would be fine for panfish and small bass sized flies, just a little less oomph than a 6 weight.

    7 weight- less suitable for panfish and trout (more of a trout streamer weight for large rivers) but would be better at throwing larger bass sized stuff than the 6 weight. Would also be suitable for light saltwater (reds and specs), but overkill for panfish.

    8 weight- this is a FW bass weight for throwing large bass bugs, and is also a great light SW weight for the Gulf. Overkill for panfish and trout.

    (All this assumes she'd let you use 'her" rod when she wasn't fishing. This may be a fatal flaw in the master plan.)

    If I already had a 6 weight and wanted to add another rod I'd probably add an 8 weight in terms of versatility, mostly in targeting big bass and SW, and using the 6 for trout, panfish and small bass if you think you may be fishing alone a lot. But if the goal is to get your wife interested and fish together that may not be the way to go- maybe two 6's or a 5 and 6 or 6 and 7 would be better to keep the peace.

    If you're bidding on a used Winston, try and make sure you find one with a blank warranty card. You may also look at a Sage Launch it should be around the same price range (new or used), and ideally it's always best to actually cast a few rods to see which one you like--- although that's getting harder and harder to do as small fly shops close all over the country..


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    I wont add to the weight of the rod, Peregrines has that coverd great.
    I will tell you a little about the Little Red and Greers Ferry lake since those are my home waters. With a bass boat (if you plan on useing it here) Dont even try it if they are not generating, one unit is fine and two you can float anyboat ya want, but the water is very fast so watch it if you arent use to that kind of flow.
    The lake is comeing on great this year, been catching lots of bass (smallies, largemouth, and spotts) crappie were going great untill this front moved through and brea, are starting to show up around boat docks. White bass and hybrids striper are pretty scattered right now. Let me know when your around and I'll give ya some tips if you want.

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    My favorite 6wt is '50s vintage
    Not as obsolete as you might think
    The simpler the outfit, the more skill it takes to manage it, and the more pleasure one gets in his achievements. --- Horace Kephart

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    we were not planning on towing the boat. prob we will stay at the red apple inn and country club. but i hoped to fish the little red river. admittedly i dont know much about it but we figured we could take a picnic lunch and enjoy the river anyhow. do you think that possible? are there public areas that you can fish the river??

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    Sure there are places to have a lunch and acceses the river, JFK Park is a great one, Swinging bridge is another.
    We jsut had a big rain so they are generating 2 units right now, I was going to fly fish today but with that going on I hit the lake LOL,.
    Keep in touch and I can let ya know whats going on the closer it gets to you comeing here.

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    Hi Porkrind,

    Now that you have registered I hope you keep posting. A lot more fun to join in with the discussions. You won't be a true fly fisher until you carry a rod in your golf bag.


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    actually im pretty excited about it. i will let you know our itinerary for sure. we will buy you lunch or something.
    at this point, we hope to checkin at the red apple inn on the 19th.
    btw i have carried an ultralight when playing our golf course. we border on a considerable amt of backwater type sloughs of the ross barnett reservoir.

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    Hello Tom and welcome to the forum. I see you are semi-retired so that means you are only semi-broke. Myself I'm in the full SS crowd so time is alot more available than money but fly fishing is a great way to spend some of that time.

    I made my first trip to the White River last year and I hired a guide. It was money well spent and you will learn more about the river and what to fish than you will trying to do it yourself. Most guides will take you for a half days fishing and just learning which flies to use is worth the price of a trip. Just be sure and hire a fly fishing guide. Arfishingbear is a guide on Greers Ferry lake and he has been very helpful here on the forum. Says a lot about what kind of guy he is.
    I live in Crystal Springs and I am a member of the Magnolia Fly Fishers club. We meet once a month at the BPS in Pearl. Send me your email address and I'll see that you get notices about the meetings and dates.
    I think you'll enjoy the forum, they are a great bunch of guys here and I have found them more than willing to help us rednecks.
    Big Nick

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    Very true, I do guide on the lake and flyfish both the lake and river, but I dont guide the river since I dont have the extra rods and boat for the river. If a guide is what ya want there are a couple great guides here on the river and I would be happy to send ya their info, all I can do is tell ya the public areas and give ya couple pointers. One of the guides here can sure teach ya alot more about it then that.

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