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Thread: Saw Whirling Disease in Action Today...

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    Default Saw Whirling Disease in Action Today...

    I've read about it, but it wasn't until around 7pm this evening that I actually
    saw it. I was wading down stream, and there was a trout swimming on the
    surface in circles, leaping, going under swimming sort of belly up, etc. I thought about netting him, and then tossing him onto the bank, but I was
    in the Jeep when that thought occured.

    This is a freshly stocked stream (Ridley Creek, PA), so maybe the trout
    already had it when it was stocked. I'm jumping on the non-felt sole thing
    after seeing this. It was terrrible.

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    Default Re: Saw Whirling Disease in Action Today...

    Trout Unlimited had a recent article on whether some waders held plant organisms and spread such diseases from stream to stream. Apparently the problem is felt soles plus the nooks and crannies in wading shoes, etc. In any event it was something I had often wondered about. I wonder if the old fashioned, Red Ball rubberized waders aren't best. Just buy a new pair every year. Probably easier to keep clean.

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    I took an entomology class last month here in Oklahoma and several people in the class brought this subject up. They'd been fishing out west of here (Colorado and Canadian Rockies) and they apparantly came upon several fish showing signs of the disease. We were told if we still had felt soled boots to place them in our freezer for a day or two after fishing. The longer the better some said. The idea was that freezing the water in the felt as well as the nooks and crannies of the leather would kill the organism that causes the disease.

    I do not know if it is true, and I do know my wife objects to my boots being in the freezer the point of threatening to thaw them out and cooking them, but it stands to reason one might be able to kill the organism by freezing it.

    Our instructor went over how to treat your boots by mixing up a blend of clorox and water. Then soak your gear in that. The bleach supposedly will kill the organism as well.

    If you wish to keep felt under your boots you'd best buy a bunch of replacement soles. I understand most boot makers will soon stop using felt due to this problem.
    Bob Lang
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    Default Re: Saw Whirling Disease in Action Today...

    Whirling disease is pretty prevalent in southwest montana, however brown trout are fairly resistant/immune to it. So they have been getting big eating the easy target rainbows.

    In the last 10 times fishing the madison river i have caught 1 rainbow though. So it does have some drawbacks.

    I have 2 pairs of wading boots, 1 for the majority of my fishing, and 1 for when i fish outside of SW montana.

    I dont want to switch away from studded felt, as i wade in stupid situations.

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    Here is a short article of some progress on whirling disease research going on here in Colorado...http:// there is some good news that there is successful reproduction occuring once again after 10 years here

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