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    Default Summer & Fall Recommendations/Input

    My wife and I have been discussing plans for the summer for awhile now. Ever since I got my first taste of fly fishing during a trip to Estes Park, CO and the Rocky Mountain National Park last August, I have been looking to get back to the mountains for more fly fishing. I have seriously taken up the sport since that introduction and have had the opportunity to get out on the water at least 50-60 days since then. Anyway, we have the opportunity to spend a month away this summer. We are looking at a minimum of 3 weeks up to a maximum of 30 days. Target time is the end of June/first of July or the entire month of July. Will have to be back at the beginning of August so my oldest can start Kindergarten. We want to rent a house/cabin/condo for the month. Our plan is to host family and friends at different times during our stay. My parents one week, her parents one week, etc...

    Our first inclination was to find a place in Colorado. However, the more I have studied, researched, read and watched, I am considering Montana as well. Obviously fishing is one of the top considerations on where we go, but activities for the kids (ages 5 and 3) and visitors we will have are important as well. I plan on at least a couple of guided trips during the time to learn different waters, but want to strike out on my own as much as possible. My question for the board is what are your recommendations for me as far as where to go, potential places to stay, realtors to contact, guides, etc... I would appreciate any and all input.

    Even though I am going to get to spend a month during the summer, my wife has agreed that I can have a separate fishing only trip in the fall to Montana. I want to go in late September or early October. I have watched some shows that were filmed at places like McCoys Spring Creeks and Ruby River Lodge. I would love to try some places like that. Does anyone have any experience with those places? Would it be best to try and go the lodge route or find my own accomodations and just get a guide for a day and try different spots? Any recommendations along these lines is appreciated as well. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Summer & Fall Recommendations/Input

    txbevo: Either CO or MT would be very good choices. Yellowstone would be a good choice as there is lots to do within the park for the family and there are hundreds of places to fish. Glenwood Springs, CO has a hot springs which the family might enjoy and they have a condola that goes up the mountain side, plus you have Aspen and Snowmass nearby, for fishing you have the Roaring Fork, the Frying Pan and the Colorado River. There just are so many great places to fish in CO and MT that it would be a hard choice.

    The choice between lodges and motels all boils down to how much money you can afford to spend. Most fishing lodges will have access to private streams and ponds and some offer activities for non-fishing family members.


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