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    Default Fly tying material .. Grumble, Grumble ...

    Hey all,

    Maybe it's the GRINCH that is late showing up in me today ..

    All I want to do is TRY to tie a few egg patterns with McFly Foam.

    Okay, you say .. buy some and do it .. well, okay I say too !

    But here is the grumble ....

    No one .. NO one has any local to me ... Mail Order .. well, okay again ...

    What "grumbles" me is that the McFly is around $3.00 or so a pack.

    SHIPPING and HANDLING is $5.95 and UP ....

    Puts a wasp in your sweet tea, huh?

    Guess I'll get a glass of wine or something stronger and just be quite.

    Oh, did get new waders and wading boots for Christmas .. so, tell the Grinch to go sit down ....

    Gordon in NC
    If you are going to try cross-country skiing ... start with a small country.

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    Default Re: Fly tying material .. Grumble, Grumble ...

    I just picked up some mcflyfoam and am finally able to tie some eggs, not great ones but they'll fish... I got the clown pack so I got a little bit of six different colors.

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    Default Re: Fly tying material .. Grumble, Grumble ...

    Hi Gordan,

    You make a good point that buying one or two items on line is not economical. I like to keep a list of what I want and order several things at once. This makes the shipping a lot better spread over many items.

    One thing you might consider is to check out Amazon. They offer fly tying items from various stores. Amazon keeps the shipping cost from their providers as low as possible. For instance you can buy a pack of McFly Foam for $2.95 plus shipping of 3.95. That is still high for one item but better than your $5.95 shipping. They also have items with no shipping but they are mostly tools and higher priced items.


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    Default Re: Fly tying material .. Grumble, Grumble ...

    I make a running list of materials that I need and then shop for them at a deep discount at the winter fly fishing shows.
    If I don't have a material that I need for a certain fly, I'll substitute or tie something else.
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    Default Re: Fly tying material .. Grumble, Grumble ...

    Ditto what Frank and Rip Tide said! Start keeping a list there are a number of on-line stores that offer free shipping with a minimum order usually $25-50.
    The Denver Fly Fishing Show and the Int'l Sportsman Show come to Denver next week. I usually go to the Fly Fishing Show (free parking) and hopefully I can fill some of my fly tying materials while enjoying all the other activities.
    Here is an example of an on-line store that offers free shipping with orders over $25:

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    Default Re: Fly tying material .. Grumble, Grumble ...

    In most cases, to get stuff posted to over here it will cost upto double what you pay for the item I have had some stores refund the diffrence (or include extra) and some that diddn't and they were out by up to $20 over charging for shipping most will turn up with a $3 stamp on them, ebay can be the worst!

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    Default Re: Fly tying material .. Grumble, Grumble ...

    Leland Outfitters (take a look at the top of this page) doesn't charge for shipping, and for exactly the reason you stated. I stopped at the local Dick's Sporting Goods last night, and they had egg yarn in 4 colors. They even had hooks to tie them on.

    P.S. I just checked, and there is a Dick's in Greensboro, NC.

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