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  1. Default What Fly Line should I get?

    Hello Everyone,

    I hope all is well in your neck of the woods, and that the fishing is starting to get hot. I am looking at purchasing a new reel, either the Lamson Guru #2 or Lamson Konic #2 and am having a tough time deciding on what fly line to purchase. I have a Orvis TLS Power Matrix 4 Piece 9' Long 5 Weight rod that I will be using for most situations. Primarily, we fish the Green River in Southwest Wyoming and also hike into upper mountain lakes where we usually catch Brook Trout, Rainbows, Brown Trout. In the upper mountain lakes, we float tube and stream fish on ocassion.

    What brand of line would you recommend? What color should I use? Floating or Sinking? What type of taper? I would appreciate any advise you could give.



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    i am not an exprt on lines even tho i do have 2 spools lined with wf line and a full sinking it depends on what you are fishing but in still water i use full sinking with streamers and in faster water i use floating
    but on those reels i have a lamson konic and its sweet i use it for steel bass and salmon and it has not problem stoping salmon but the guru is amazing the drag is as smooth as glass so there both good choices

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    Default Re: What Fly Line should I get?


    I like the Rio brand fly lines. I have the same setup as you and use their wind cutter as my main line, the Rio Gold in a WF is also a great fly line. This works great for nymphing and dry flies. Then for lakes depending on how deep you're fishing you could get a second spool filled with a sink tip or maybe a full sinking line.

    You can't go wrong with those Lamson reels, I really love their drag system.


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    Thanks a bunch for the input. It is nice to get other peoples opinions on the types of lines that they are using.



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