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  1. Default Favorite line and setup for Smallies

    I'm looking for some idea and advice on how everyone fishes for smallies in the river.

    What type of line do you use, Leaders, tippets, etc.

    I will be fishing with mostly wolly buggers and streamers. Just not sure if I should get a sinking tip, Nymph fly line, floating, sinking. There is just so much out there for so many different situations.

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    Default Re: Favorite line and setup for Smallies

    I have a lot of years of wading rivers so I will give you what works for me.The only type of line I use is a floater.For wading its the easiest and best to use.If I need to get deeper I just lengthen the tippet or loop a section of sinking line to my floater and make it a sinking tip line.Also a standard WF line like a SA GPX is good or a BB taper.For leaders I generally go with a 7.5' with a 6-10 lb tippet.Bass are not leader shy so I dont go light,especially with big carp or musky in the same river.Now if you are fishing from a boat in deep water,you might want to go with a sinking line or shooting head system to give you more options but for wading,a floater is all you need.

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    For what its worth, I fish smallies alot both in the lake and a couple rivers. I usally carry two spools one with a sink tip and a floater. For years I never used sink tips, untill recentaly, I found in the colder months and hot months it helps to get your streamer or crawdad pattern to the bottom in deeper pools and in fast water it helps to get your fly deep fast. I almost always use 71/2 ft leader with floating line and a 5ft level leader for sink tips 5 to 6lb, if I am fishing heavy cover or know there are bigger fish around I'll maybe go to 8-10lb line. A good wtf line or bass tapper will serv ya well. I use my 9' 6wt alot most of the smallmouth flies I throw are smaller then what I throw for largemouth's, if I ma throwing heavy flies I may go to my 7wt. Dont over look poppers for smallmouth, when one blows up on a topwater your heart will stop and your brain will go blank for a minute. Good luck and have fun

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    I got some of Rio's sinking leaders. These are 7' long and you can get different sink rates. I've used them for streamer and nymph fishing in streams in Pa and Oh. They cast great, and get your fly down quickly (I know, that just sounds wrong ). I also got some of the sink tip from Rio that comes in a 30' piece and different weights (sink rate). I haven't tried that yet, but see no reason it shouldn't work fine. The shop I bought it from recommended starting with a 3' and a 5' piece for stream fishing. This stuff comes with the chinese finger loops to attach loop to loop with your fly line. I put loops on both ends to make attaching a leader more convenient.

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