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Thread: fav fishing books

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    Default Re: fav fishing books

    zipping my fly by Rich Tosches, Probably the funniest/best book i've ever read.

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    "The Curtis Creek Manifesto" by Sheridan Anderson. The excerpt included in the November 1977 issue of Sports Afield grabbed my youthful attention and turned me off of bait fishing forever. Link to a review: Cool Tools: The Curtis Creek Manifesto
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    Default Re: fav fishing books

    Happy New Year, Everyone!

    I really like True Love and the Wooly Bugger and A Good Life Wasted both by Dave Ames.

    I found The Orvis Streamside Guide to Trout Foods and Their Imitations a good guide without being too deep.

    Lefty Kreh's Modern Fly Casting Method added 20 feet to my best cast.

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    Default Re: fav fishing books

    I forgot one, Robert Traver's "Trout Madness". This book of fishing stories and tales was way before the plethora of fishing literature today. It's all about the U.P. and funny as hell.

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    Some of the books that I own and enjoy are,
    Frank Saywer Trout and the nymph
    Tony Ornman Trout with nymph
    Keith Draper trout flies in new zealand
    Norman Marsh Trout stream inscets and how to use and imitate them
    Fish and game serries on fishing and fly tying

    Some recent ones I got from the libary and enjoyed,
    The one mentioned at the start of this thread
    Chris Mann, Featherwing & Hackle flies for salmon (there is a good recipie list in the back)

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