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    Default Re: Odd looking trout...

    Ahh, I didn't notice that. Thanks Ard!!!!


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    I've seen a few hatchery trout and salmon with similar, weird looking spine deformations over the years. Looks like a hatchery fish to me (worn tail and dorsal, and pasty colors no wild brown would ever have), so things like that can be expected.

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    Thanks for all the comments and info everyone.

    I will say the fish of this creek run the gamut of colors.

    First photo taken yesterday. Second last year October.

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    Default Re: Odd looking trout...

    I'm no taxonomy expert but would venture to say both are from Loch Leven back grounds. I never owned a digital camera when I lived in brown trout country and so have almost zero photos of the Von Behr strain but.......

    I have a few I scanned years ago, generally much more color than the Loch Leven fishs.

    None of those images demonstrate it but the real tell tale physical detail on a Vom Behr adult is often the presence of a blood red adipose fin. That was the case with them in many places where I fished for and caught them.

    Been a long time since those were taken, I don't even recognize the guy holding the fish..... The point was that while they are all brown trout they are 2 distinct strains. Those German fish (Vom Behr) have a slightly different morphology as well as the pigment differences. The Loch Leven's are of as the name implies from the Scottish Highland lakes. If you've not read the history of the transport and introduction of these fish to North America it will make a good read during any down time you may be experiencing

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