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Thread: Surrender!

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    My dad has given up fishing for trout!!!!! He hooked a beautiful 28 inch trout and has given up fishing for trout all together! Is this stupid or what do you make of it?

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    Going out on a good note i guess...

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    He will be back! When its in the blood it stays there.

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    Its only temporary. Either that, or he'll stay away from trout and get obsessed with pigs of other fish species.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    Re: Surrender!

    I admire a man who is in charge of his passions. We have some nice fish here, but we'd have more if most folks left them in the water, and took a picture. The typical consumer is never satisfied, and the last time I went down the hill there were millions of them. I suspect he may have a relapse though. Big fish are fun!

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    Ask if you can have all his equipment! If he pounds you, you'll know he only is talking. If he gives it all to you, he's serious. But, even if he gives it all to you, I'll bet you dollars to donuts, he'll want it back later!!

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    The day I caught my monster/trophy size LMB, I knew I was done for the
    day ! However, I had been fishing for a few
    hours that day, and my hands had reached the point of being frozen anyway.
    It did make all the other fish seem smaller, but I'm still chasing them all, right
    down to bluegill .

    Speaking of bluegill, I caught this channel cat on a 4wt while fishing for
    March bluegill with a #14 Green Weenie!

    Those are size 13 boots, and while I didn't measure the fish, I did estimate it
    to be 22-24 inches based on my stance. You can see the little Green Weenie
    still in his lip, and I had to beach him to land him. He made several long runs,
    and was a blast. I had just begun fishing when I caught him, so continued to
    fish for bluegill...which seemed small that day .

    Tell your dad you heard someone caught a 30" trout where he was fishing....

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