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  1. Default how to fix line?

    I have a nic in my fly line (right before the welded loop) and am not sure how to fix it..should i glue it .......use heat shrink wrap...or something line is expensive(Sharkskin) so hopefully i can find a solution....thanks for any help

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    Default Re: how to fix line?

    Why not just cut it and tie on your leader or use another loop to loop connection?

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    Default Re: how to fix line?

    Try cleaning & putting a drop of Aquaseal on it to seal it up first... If that works your good to go... If that doesn't stick, then cut it off & attach your leader with a nail knot or make a served loop in the line end...

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    Default Re: how to fix line?

    I'm with FISHN50 on this. I've had the same problem, but farther down the flyline. I used several coats of Pliobond and so far, so good. You want to make sure you waterproof the nicked area or water will wick into the line, turning it from a floating line (if it was) into a sinking line. I do think that the waterproof glue you use should be somewhat flexible so that the line doesn't end up "hinging" at that point and cracking, then allowing water to later wick in.

    Keep in mind that while you may think the nick may have weakened the breaking strength of the line, it only needs to be stronger than your terminal tippit.
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    Default Re: how to fix line?

    I use softex on lines for nics,and breaks
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    Default Re: how to fix line?

    Hi to all,

    I second the PlioBond recommendation. It will seal and remain flexible. I might even wrap the nick with thread. Overlap the nick about 1/8" on each side. You don't need a heavy wrap. Then add the Pliobond. It will give some strength to the repair. Use a thread wrap like is used on wrapping guides. Number 6 thread will do the job. Let me know if you need to know how to wrap the thread using a bobbin.


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    thanks for the help will give the pliobond a shot..hopefully i will be able to find it

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    you might find this helpful:

    Fly Fishing Answers, How to Repair Fly Lines - MidCurrent

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