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    Thumbs up 'Bugs of the underworld'......

    I'm curious as to how many have watched 'Bugs of the underworld' (or any of this type of media) and how it has effected your point of view of what flies you fish and how?

    I've rented this DVD twice now, and both times I have watched it in awe of the detail and clarity of the insects we're trying to imitate. I can't help but think this is going to dramatically change my perception of how and what to fish.

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    Default Re: 'Bugs of the underworld'......

    Fysh: Thanks for the heads up, I didn't know the DVD existed, going to have to rent it!


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    Default Re: 'Bugs of the underworld'......

    Any of these 'under water view' dvd's or video's are really something to view. You will be amazed at the actual movement of these insects.

    I'm thinking that my fly boxes are going to have a total transformation.

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    Default Re: 'Bugs of the underworld'......

    that dvd is awesome! i think the section on the hydropsyche larva (net building caddis) is my favorite. i purchased the dvd after it had a section in fly tier magazine.

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    Busy little buggers aren't they!

    So has it changed how and what flies you choose to fish?

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    it makes me want to tie realistic flies really bad. its overall a great, informative video. i watch "bugs on the underworld" and "scientific anglers: panfish and bass" fly fishing video all the time lol

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    I was impressed by how prominent the gills appear on some of the creatures.

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    That movie has already changed the look of my fly box. It was nice to see the bugs and how they live in my local rivers.
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    Default Re: 'Bugs of the underworld'......

    I know Ralf Cutter, and can say he and his video are inspirational. It rocked my world to view the waters we fish (Truckee River) from the fish's viewpoint. It changed the way I tie and fish. I now swim the water I fish. Think like a fish if you want to catch them!

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