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famill00 01-01-2011 07:01 PM

First Clouser Minnows
Please tell me what you think.....

FrankB2 01-01-2011 10:25 PM

Re: First Clouser Minnows
They'd all catch fish, but I like the fly on the far right the most. Actually, the fly in the middle has the buck tail fibers staggered most naturally, and if the white fibers were tied to shank in a straight line, that would be the best. You left the flashabou run a bit long, but longer can be cut. Staggering the flashabou is something I like as well, and have the longest strands about equal in length to the longest bucktail fibers.

ghostdncr 01-01-2011 10:37 PM

Re: First Clouser Minnows
Reaching into the fly box, I'd choose the one on the right. Proportion is good and it's sufficiently sparse, which is a challenge for many tyers, myself included. I do prefer the smaller head on the middle fly, though.

famill00 01-01-2011 11:15 PM

Re: First Clouser Minnows
This is encouraging. The two that you all say that you like the most, the yellow ones, are the ones I tied the last. The green one was the first attempt, followed by the two blue ones.

What I am taking from your comments:
1) Do not trim the bucktail fibers from the end where the bend of the hook is.
2) Keep the head small as possible
3) Watch proportions a little closer
4)Make sure the white fibers are tied close to the shank

Thanks, and anymore tips/suggestions are appreciated.

Ard 01-02-2011 12:44 AM

Re: First Clouser Minnows
They look just like what I need for kachemak Bay costal salman fishing, Nice!

wolfglen 12-27-2014 10:29 AM

Re: First Clouser Minnows
They look fine, about the only suggestion I might make is to keep a little more of the buck tail on the side of the hook which will ride upward, for stability and not twisting, but also to be more weedless.

Now, go fishing!

Originally Posted by famill00 (Post 187322)

bigjim5589 12-27-2014 11:16 AM

Re: First Clouser Minnows
Those will catch fish, that's for certain. However, get Bob Clousers book, "Clousers Flies". Everything you need to know about the Deep Minnow & Bob's other fly patterns is in there.

Take note of the Deep Minnow on the front cover. That is the profile you want to achieve. What you've done is like most you'll see in catalogs, but is not as they should be. (I've been tying them a long time & have been just as guilty of tying them sometimes as you've done! :rolleyes:)

Part of the effectiveness of the pattern is in the small details, and Bob ties it with each detail having a purpose. Otherwise, it's a weighted bucktail streamer, which still catches fish.

Get the book, it's worth having! ;)

BTW, I linked here to Amazon because they have a good pic of the front cover, but it's best to shop around & find the best price, which may or may not be at Amazon.

Otherwise, there are some videos online of Bob Clouser tying the Deep Minnow, which is always good to check out!

Rip Tide 12-27-2014 11:42 AM

Re: First Clouser Minnows
Four year old thread

bigjim5589 12-27-2014 11:45 AM

Re: First Clouser Minnows

Four year old thread
It's never too late to learn! :rolleyes:

Thanks Rip, I missed that fact! :o

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