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    Default The Year looking back.

    A young lady on the UK 'Mother Board' wrote the following, and with her permission I'm posting same here. Too darned good not to share.


    "Another year passes of stories and tales
    when we stood in the sun, rain and gales
    who has the best tackle, knowledge and patience?
    does it really matter, it's our passion as we stand at our stations

    A silhouette of a rod and angler geared up
    as the sun rises behind him or her
    Just waiting and willing that one little bite
    to be hooked and the blank off, phew
    I can relax the rest of the night

    For some it's about catching and how big they were
    for me its the experience in the wide open air
    The contrasting skies from dusk till dawn
    And the good friends I've meet from when I started
    Until now, long may it carry on.

    Happy New Year to each and everyone of you, I wish you well in life, love, wealth and health.

    Tight Lines for 2011

    Debs x"
    When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, something is lost; when character is lost, all is lost. - Billy Graham"

  2. Default Re: The Year looking back.

    For me the year looking back is...I had a nice day watching TV and reading yesterday. So far, today has been nice too.

    Nice poem BTW

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    Default Re: The Year looking back.

    Nice poem,

    Looking back, I fished the first and last day of last year, weather prevented me from fishing the first day of this year and I only hope my age, health, economyu, etc - and those of my friends both on this site and around home allow us all to fish many more.

    I have other hobbies that I enjoy, but fishing seems to be the one I enjoy the most.

    with that said, best wishes to all for this year and I hope health, economy, and situation allow you to enjoy many more years on the water enjoying this great pasttime.


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