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Thread: Name that bug? (II)

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    Default Name that bug? (II)

    I really appreciate those folks who helped me with the previous unknown bug and I hope I may impose upon the collective wisdom one more time. The attached bug was found emerging on the local stream a week ago at about 4 PM. The scale at the bottom of the picture is 1 mm per division. One of the two pictures shows a cripple with the shuck still clinging to the fly.

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    Default Re: Name that bug? (II)

    It's a midge of some kind... two wings
    Beyond that, I wouldn't even guess
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    Default Re: Name that bug? (II)

    Quote Originally Posted by Rip Tide View Post
    It's a midge of some kind... two wings
    Beyond that, I wouldn't even guess
    Definitely a midge of some sort. there are too many midges to I.D. them all, at least for me. It's similar in shape & wing style to the one I posted below from Troutnut's site.

    Chironomidae (Midges) True Fly Adult Pictures

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    Chironomus plumosus (female) the males have feathery antennae also called a " buzzer midge" best match i could find in my books.
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    Thanks for the help, folks. I discounted midge as the fly was signficantly larger than the typical midge I see in these parts. Looking through links related to the insect proper names folks provided I discovered that midges vary much more than I previously thought.

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