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Thread: A couple Newbie questions

  1. Default A couple Newbie questions

    Hi guys, my name is Pete Hotard. After planning a family trip to Jackson Hole this summer I have decided to try my hand at this sport. I recently purchased a TFO professional series 5 wt 8' 6" rod and an Okuma SLV 56 reel. I have a few basic "getting started" questions.

    1. This reel I have only clicks when spun one way....Should it click when reeled forward or when reeled backward? I have a feeling it should click when reeled backward (drag going out) but I am not sure.

    2. My buddy who fly fishes alot recomended a line that is 5 wt and made for long to mid range casts....he also recomended a darker color. What would be a good line that would fit these recomendations.

    3. Does anyone know of any fly shops in or around the St. Louis, MO area....(I will be spending my summer there)

    4. Any recomendations for fishing around Jackson Hole in late July/early August? Somewhere where a newbie like myself may get into a few fish....not to concerned about size but would like to catch a few at least...

    Thanks in advance guys and i look forward to learning all about this historic sport.....I can't believe I am picking up a new hobby...but I needed something to get me through the summer while I'm waiting for duck season to get here....

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    T Hargroves. Its on Manchester it is by far the best fly shop in town.

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    Welcome to the sport, Pete!
    1) It should click when line is coming off the reel (when the handle is going backwards)
    2) I would recommend a floating, weight forward in 5 wt. It will be labeled WF-5-F. In my opinion, flyline color doesn't matter. I prefer one that's easy to see. In fact, you may be hard-pressed to find a dark-colored floating line.
    3) Fly shops in St. Louis: T. Hargrove's, Feathercraft.
    Stores that have at least some fly fishing gear: Cabela's, Bass Pro Shops (in St. Charles), Outdoors, Inc., Paul's Bait & Tackle.
    4) Sorry, can't help you with this one.

    If you would like to hook up for a fishing trip while you're in St. Louis, PM me - I truly enjoy helping people new to the sport and/or area.

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    Default Re: A couple Newbie questions

    Hi Pete,

    Welcome to the forum. Thanks for joining our Forum.

    First a suggestion. Limit your questions to one or two at most. You will get more or at least better responses with posts that deal with a single question.

    T. Hargrove's, Feather-Craft are both excellent fly shops. I don't know about T. Hargrove's but Feather-Craft gives free casting and fly tying lessons right at the shop. Both great shops to make friends with. While you are at Feather-Craft's pick up a catalog.


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    Default Re: A couple Newbie questions

    1) reels are designed different ways. what you use is often just a personal preference. some click both, some click one way. don't be too concerned about it though check the paperwork or contact the company which made it (or sold it). most reels today have the ability to switch for left or right hand cranking/retrieves and you might be using it opposite from how it was delivered. i would guess most new reels today are delivered setup for left hand cranking.

    2) line color is debatable. many swear you need stealth (new zealand fishing or spring creeks) and personally i like the color of olive but keep in mind people catch fish with bright colored lines all of the time. generally thogh, dark colored lines are subsurface. the darkest floating line would be an olive color.

    3) can't help you sorry.

    4) do a google search with jackson hole flyfishing. you should find a wealth of info including flyshops which may list recent reports. they would also offer guiding services. better yet, swing by some of them and buy some flies and other misc stuff, chat them up.

    fresno, ca.

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    Default Re: A couple Newbie questions

    Pete and Rrambach- welcome to the board... and another vote for both Hargrove and Feathercraft. They're both great shops. If you wait until you get to St Louis take your rod and reel in they should be able to rig everything up for you, and will either recommend or let you try out different lines. There will be a lot of opportunity for chasing trout in missouri: Trout Fishing in Missouri

    But you can also get started sooner- your rod is a great outfit for chasing panfish and small bass too. In fact, if you’re anywhere near Jackson MS, I’d recommend you check out these guys: Magnolia Fly Fishers

    They’ll help you get sorted out with casting, try out some different lines with your rod, rigging, techniques and you’ll meet a few new fishing buddies for trips to local waters.

    As far as lines go, you have a ton of choices, but as others have said, you'll want a weight forward, 5 weight floating line. I would look for one from Scientific Anglers (SA) or Rio. Ideally you should get a chance to cast a few to see which ones work best with your rod and casting stroke, but as a beginner, you may want to consider one that is slightly "overweight" 5 weight wf-f like a SA GPX or Rio Grand. Getting a decent line will be a big help with your casting. The MS fly fishing club might be a big help here-- a lot of clubs have casting clinics- either formal or informal, and getting a chance to try before you buy would be the best way to go.

    As far as Jackson Hole---- you'll have a blast! There will be a lot to digest as you get into it, lingo, techniques etc, so keep asking questions. Instead of doing a data dump on Jackson Hole (there's a ton of info out there) and I'm sure you'll get a ton of info form folks on the board, you might want to google "fly fishing 101" or pick up an intro book to fly fishing like: The L.L. Bean Ultimate Book of Fly Fishing (L. L. Bean): Macauley Lord, Dick Talleur, Dave Whitlock: Books

    and browse through some of the posts and FAQ's on this forum.

    But just to whet your appetite, here's a brief taste of some of the fishing out there, with recommendations for flies, some techniques, and a snapshot of different rivers:
    Fly Fishing In Jackson Hole, Wyoming -- An Area Overview

    Keep asking questions here, you'll get a ton of advice and help from folks. And welcome aboard!


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    There are some great fly shops in the Jackson Hole area. This is one:

    Welcome to Jack Dennis Sports Online!

    and, here is another:

    High Country Flies - Yellowstone & Jackson Hole Wyoming Fly Fishing Equipment, Gear, Tackle, Guides & more!

    I first visited Jack Dennis' Shop in 1975... it was then, the only game in town...

    There is also an Orvis Shop on the East side of town, All can give you good advise and suggestions on where to wet a line...

    You may wet 'yer whistle here:

    The Million Dollar Cowboy Bar - Jackson, Wyoming's Landmark Watering Hole for Spirits, Beer and Wine

    Good fishing!!!

    Daughter to Father, " How many arms do you have, how many fly rods do you need?"

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    Thanks for all the help guys........I have officially spent an entire day reading all about this sport......I imagine when i start understanding all of the lingo I will be closer to catching some fish....I'm sure i will have more questions in the future.

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    Default Re: A couple Newbie questions

    Frank is the guru as always.... I think we need to start making the FRANKIPEDIA :*) (I say it in jest with all the respect in the world)

    FeatherCraft is the shop to stop at. This shop was made famous by the CrackleBack inventor.

    Meramec is only about an hour away.
    Missouri Trout Hunter -- Meramec River Red Ribbon Trout Area

    Also follow this link Ozark Weather and Trout Fishing Reports

    Many trout fishing opportunities on 1 to 2 hours away..

    As you get closer follow the Lower -Midwest posts or drop me a PM. I head mid week sometimes to Meramec and a bunch to Bennett on weekends with my wife

    Don't forget all those DNR Bass and bluegill conservation area's near St. Louis. You can have a ball with double Poper/Hopper combo's and bluegill's

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    Default Re: A couple Newbie questions

    I've only seen their catalog and website, but Feather-Craft is my favorite fly shop I've never set foot in.

    Scientific Anglers makes two lines that would meet the darker description in what your looking for. Their Mastery Trout line is designed for delicate presentations but isn't super-beginner friendly. Their Mastery GPX is a little extra heavy and will be a bit easier to cast.

    Both are available in both Willow (darker) and Mist Green (mint chip ice cream color) I would actually recommend the latter for a beginner visibility reasons. I've caught thousands on that color in this line-

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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