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    Hi eveyone. I heard its customary to make a post introducing yourself on the forum, so here goes...

    I am a flyfishing/tying addict from mideast Ohio who loves flyfishing for bluegill (yes, bluegill) and steelhead. My pb's for the afformentioned are 8" and 8lbs 12oz, respectivally. I love tying flies, especially streamers, and have developed a few patterns myself.Hopeing I did this right, and best regards to everyone,

    Steelhead Junkie.

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    Welcome to the site...Steelhead, bluegill, it don't matter....LOL Fishing for anything is great...


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    Welcome. I fish for bluegills & bass in my pond, steelhead in the rivers, and all fish in between. Good luck with your fishing.

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    Thanks guys

    Steelhead Junkie.
    I like organic chicken..... The kind with the capes still on 'em

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