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Thread: Calling all Wyoming fishers: Advice needed

  1. Default Calling all Wyoming fishers: Advice needed

    A lady came into the fly shop I just started working at and said she has a good friend who did her family a great favor and she wants to do something special for him in return.

    She knows he fly fishes avidly and wants to get him something he can use. Being in Texas right now I don't know what kind of fishing Wyoming has.

    I'm assuming there's some trout involved and I have trout fished a descent amount, but before I recommend a fly selection can anyone tell me what fly selection I should pick out for her to buy that would be successful in Wyoming or surronding areas (he does travel).

    She also wants a few other things since flies are cheap, so should she get a fishing pack/vest? Wading jacket? Thermals? Gloves? And definitely leaders and tippets size recommendations would be appreciated.[

    Thank you much everyone!

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    Default Re: Calling all Wyoming fishers: Advice needed

    Benford: Yes WY has a wonderful selection of trout to go after. Here is a starter list: Nymphs: scuds, brassie, bloodworm, copper john, disco midge, crystal midge, rojo midge, dragonfly nymph, pheasant tail and bead head PT, flashback PT, hare's ear, marabou damsel, march brown, 20 incher, prince nymph, rainbow warrior, san juan worm. Dries: adams, BWO. chernobyl ant, hoppers, elk hair caddis, x-caddis, zwing caddis, fat albert, ants/beetles. An sortment of streamers: wooly bugger, leech, egg sucking leech, hot head leech, bite me buggers, muddler, zonker, zoo couger.
    Leaders I use are 7 1/2 ft to 9 ft for streams and 12-15 ft for lakes. I primarily use 3x to 6x for leaders and 3x to 7x for tippet.

    Here is a link to the fly patterns listed on Charlies Fly Box (a fly shop in Denver) virtually anything there will work in WY. Click on the dropdown box near the top just under Charlies Fly box.
    Charlie's FlyBox - Colorado's Best FlyShop and online Fly Tying Tutorials


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    I would lean toward something that will not only be functional but will also serve as a reminder of the relationship. Flies and leaders are great and he would certainly be able to use them, but they get lost. How about a nice fly box/wallet, or a wooden net, or... ? Such an item would still be with the man long after the flies and leaders are gone.

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    I am not a Wyoming resident - but I am a fly fishing artist & addict. I would be willing to send out one of my basic prints for free to your client as a gesture of good will. I just started to try to make a living at being an artist and love to share my art with fellow fly fisherman & women.

    Check out my site in my signature and let me know a "basic print" you like and I will send it out free of charge.

    Your friend in fishing,
    Fly Fishing Artist
    Jonathon A. Waske

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    Default Re: Calling all Wyoming fishers: Advice needed

    Nice gesture yourself Jon. Welcome to the forum.

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