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    Default My son's first steelhead

    After losing three fish a week ago, my son got his first steelhead in the net. Last week he had a hog on and the leader was cut on a rock. That fish took him to his backing twice before a rock ended the fight. I may have been able to net this one.........had I had a net. His second fish broke off when he set the hook too hard. The third was on for a few minutes and the tippet broke at the knot. I felt that was my fault for not checking things after the second fish.
    So we go out again today after baseball practice. We hit the water around 4:00 under cloudy skies and slight drizzle. I was pleased to see few others fishing. A friend of mine was there a bit before us, so we found him and started fishing. We could see fish in the riffles and current edges. They weren't interested in streamers like the week before. After trying a few things, we ended up high stick nymphing caddis larvae under indicators. With just enough weight to get the flies ticking the bottom the fish showed some interest. The fight was on, and lasted around 15 min. With my new net (I won't leave home steel fishing without it ) we landed my son's first steelhead. And what a steelhead. I'm so proud of how well he did bringing this fish to the net.
    BTW, check the hat. That was given to him by a local shop owner as baptismal gift. He recently baptised himself in the Little Sandy after tripping over a rock.
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    Default Re: My son's first steelhead

    Your picture says it all, I love to see a father & son who love the outdoors enjoying the rivers and the fishing together.


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    Default Re: My son's first steelhead

    Congrats to you and your boy. thats a memory he wont soon forget.

    My boy is only 7 and still stuck on the spinning gear, but hopefully I will get a fly rod in his hand soon.


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    Default Re: My son's first steelhead

    Congrats to you and your son....Hopefully you have sparked a life long love of the outdoors in your son, with many years of enjoyment ahead for both of you...Great pics!


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    Default Re: My son's first steelhead

    Great stuff! The smile on both of your faces says it all. I always suggest retiring the fly he caught it on to save with a pic of the fish as a "trophy".

    And tell him to hang on to that lucky hat!


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    Default Re: My son's first steelhead

    Alright! My dad never took me fishing (I did take him once, however ), so
    great job! The photo of you and your son is definitely worth hanging on the wall. Big esteem booster for both .

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    Default Re: My son's first steelhead

    Thanks everyone. If I caught the world record steelhead, this fish would still be more special. The guy in the pic is a friend who has greatly accelerated our learning curve with a fly rod. Hopefully the fish will still be in so we have another shot at them next weekend.
    I must say, nearly the best part of the day was getting my son's advice as I fought a fish................much smaller than his.

    Our next goal is brookies in small streams, in Pa. I see some overnight camping/fishing trips on the horizon.

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    Default Re: My son's first steelhead

    Looks like you have a great fishing partner! Congrats.


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    Default Re: My son's first steelhead

    nice fish guys and a team for life, have 3 sons know the felling

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