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    Default Re: pontoon versus float tube

    Hi Dresch

    Just to weigh in with my personal experiences. What Joni says about weight is true and you did mention that you wanted to hike into spots. Well I am the same way and over the last season my setup evolved slightly. And on a budget.

    I fish mainly still water but if I can get to the water I use my pontoon boat. It's a 7' Madison that I got from Cabelas for $400 including delivery to Canada and it has been awesome. I put a bracket on the back and attached and electric trolling motor (+battery was $150) and I greatly increased my ability to cover water and keep a fly in productive areas. I know there are more expensive units out there but I am in heaven when I am on the water!

    No obviously I cannot easily hike this into an out-of-the-way spot which is where I went out and got myself a super-light float tube. I think mine weighs 6lbs inflated, it is the old-school round tube style, but it only cost me $70 and again it does the job for me... but the point is when I hike the tube comes with me, whenever possible I use the toon, and I have no desire to upgrade cos I love that setup! and I got that all for around $600... with a bigger budget you can do more, but that's up to you...

    Hope this helps,


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    Default Re: pontoon versus float tube

    Cheap insurance to go with Joni's recommendation.
    Not long ago I was searching for something on the web and came across this.
    I told guys at our club. They said yes you bet you could tip the round tubes by leaning over the edge too far, but unlikely in a U shape. I came home and looked again-it was a U tube. I think that I'll spend the extra bucks soon.
    Granted it happened in 2007, and he was strapped-in:

    Angler dies in Clark Fork River
    Sunday, Jul 08, 2007

    News editor Bonner County Daily Bee: Your source for local news and information

    Canadian fly-fisherman apparently drowned

    CLARK FORK -- A Canadian fly-fisherman died in the Clark Fork River Friday morning after his float tube overturned west of Cabinet Gorge, Bonner County Sheriff's officials say.The man was identified as Edward Stover, a 35-year-old from the province of Alberta. Stover apparently drowned and an autopsy is pending, Undersheriff Charlie Dennis said on Friday afternoon.

    The incident happened at about 11 a.m. east of Clark Fork.Stover was pulled from the river at about 11:14 a.m. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation was initiated immediately and he was taken to Bonner General Hospital, where he was pronounced dead, sheriff's officials say.

    Dennis said Stover was fishing from a u-shaped float tube, commonly known as U-tubes or U-boats. Stover, who was safety belted into the float tube, tipped over and was unable to right himself.What caused Stover to tip over is still being investigated, Dennis said. Stover was not fishing by himself.

    "Someone else in the party said they heard a splash and he was turned over upside down," said Dennis.Dennis said Stover had family on shore and there might have been another angler in the water when the tube capsized."I think the majority of them were on shore, but possibly there was one more in the water, but whether he was in the water when the guy turned over, we're not sure," he said.'

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    Default Re: pontoon versus float tube

    I own a tube but have used pontoons on many occasions. The pontoon is a lot less work on a lake, that's for sure. I also like being above the water when I cast and sight. I am pretty much done with my float tube I think. Will be looking into pontoons as well from now on I think.


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    Quote Originally Posted by MoscaPescador View Post
    Hi Dresch,

    I use both float tubes and pontoon boats. My pontoon boat is used mostly for rivers although I take it onto lakes when I need to cover a lot of water.


    But, if your Pontoon was frameless and weighed 28 lbs but had every other feature as your now pontoon, would you still need both? That is what happened to me.
    AND, if you can balance standing up (which I have a problem doing) You can stand up on the Renegade as well. I have a 40 lb thrust motor off the back of mine and about 60 lb of battery, 20 lb of dog all at the back of my Renegade and it is still level in the water and my rear is dry (as long as I don't drink too much before going out...LOL)

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    Default Re: pontoon versus float tube

    FWIW, the NFO (Dave Scadden) boats are indeed the cat's arse. The series is the 'Outlaw' series and the Renegade is about in the middle of the frameless pack (I and Joni also have the X5 framed kickboat). They are a little more money than others out there, but they're bladderless, welded seams and made here in Utah. And you get what you pay for with kickboats.
    Here's the link to the review
    North Fork Outdoors "Outlaw Renegade"
    Like Joni said, the Renegade is 28 lb. Frameless, your keister is out of the water so you can wear hip waders. It sets up fast and you have the option of getting one of Dave's trolling motor mounts for it. Joni has some pics of her setup with e motor, mount and battery. Being lightweight, is glides thru the water faster (or it seems too) effortless rowing and it's very manueverable.
    This is an ideal boat for small lakes, big lakes/reservoirs, and rivers.
    If any of you go to the ISE shows, tell them Joni and Alan sent you.
    Life is not like a bowl of cherries. It's more like a jar of ghost peppers. What you eat today might burn your ass tomorrow...

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    Default Re: pontoon versus float tube

    Those NFO toons really look nice and I would love to one day have one, but I'm also a bit curious about the NRS Gigbob. It seems to be well designed and versitile.

    [ame=]YouTube - NRS GigBob - Summer Fishing Video[/ame]

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    Default Re: pontoon versus float tube

    Mojo: I'm hoping to get down there on Sunday (wx permitting) so I will be sure to say Hi! I've been thinking about getting a Renegade for the ease and portability on the Sagebrush lakes we have around here......using a drift boat on those lakes is a little overkill!


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    Mudbug, I saw those boats a couple years ago. Well built. The thing I don't care for is how high you sit. I noticed in the middle of the video he is in the middle of the river. He had to jump to get in the seat.

    Then you have to take the top portion off to use flippers?

    Just me, but I prefer using my oars, but also being able to use my flippers to hold position, or to move slightly. Then feet up on the bar, and row in.

    Cool boats though.

    I had the day tripper once which was a two layer tube/toon. Lining up the too portion was time consuming and a bit difficult to say the least.

    One more thing, the NFO is ONE PIECE. Oar holders are part of the tube. Then the seat and the oars. Less pieces, means less chance of loosing or forgetting something which I am famous for!

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    Default Re: pontoon versus float tube

    Joni, you really don't have to sell me on the NFO toons, you and Mojo did that quite awhile ago already.

    I just find the gigbob to be an interesting design with many cool features.

  10. Default Re: pontoon versus float tube

    Quote Originally Posted by mudbug View Post
    Joni, you really don't have to sell me on the NFO toons, you and Mojo did that quite awhile ago already.

    I just find the gigbob to be an interesting design with many cool features.

    That it does.

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