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Thread: Sinking lines

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    Default Sinking lines

    I recently went from a very inexpensive reel on my 8 wt. to a Galvan T8. The new spools are expensive ($180), so I'm not going to rig up as many lines. Should the sinking line make the cut?

    The guys at the fly shop and other more experienced fishers respond to my queries with an essay on how and when to use the sinking line. But when pressed, none of them really use theirs! Many confess to not having used their sinking lines, which are all riged up and ready to go, in years.

    So how useful do y'all find a sinking line? If you had a WF line and a sink tip line, what would be your third line (on your third $180 spool)? Your fourth?
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    Default Re: Sinking lines

    I'd put my 'third' line on the cheap reel (or even the 'second')

    if fact....that's what I do

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    Default Re: Sinking lines

    Question, Why the extra spools? I carry the empty spool the line came on and I can change out a line in under 2 minutes. Why spend the $$$ for extra spools?
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    Being in Excelsior I would think you would be fishing Minnetonka and other waters like that around there so I would think Bass, Pike and Muskie as the predominant species to go after. At certain times of the year they might be a bit deeper so I personally would have a sinking line on hand to get down to them. You might be able to get away with a sink tip depending on the size and weight of the fly but I would want a sinking line to get down deep.
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    i find a sinking line not only useful but necessary. for trout i can get by with one line, a WF floater but when fishing streamers or nymphs i also use a sink tip. fishing for bass in stillwater, i usually have two rods and two reels on my float tube or one rod and two reels. for striped bass i need a fast sinking line.

    so, i like WF floaters, floater with sink tip and full fast sinking line.

    fresno, ca.

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    Default Re: Sinking lines

    Hi Alligator,

    "So how useful do y'all find a sinking line? If you had a WF line and a sink tip line, what would be your third line (on your third $180 spool)? Your fourth?"

    If you talk to any still water fisher and you would find the full sinking line is their first choice. You can't beat them for getting deep.

    What other lines? I would like a good long tapered line, a short taper shooting head, a Clouser line, a Sharkskin line, a Nymph line, a sinking line, a sink-tip line, a double taper line, a Teeny line, a Triangle Taper line and so forth.


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    Default Re: Sinking lines

    Alligator: As Frank says, if you fish stillwaters you definitely want a sinking line in your aresenal. If you only fish streams then I don't see a need for one.


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    Fishing large streamers in deep pools with fast currents are the main reason I use a sink tip lines. I try to stay away from sinking line (that is the whole line sinks) it tends to get caught up around your feet when striping the line(while river wading). If you want to get down to where the fish are a sink tip is the way to go. Scientific wet tip III is what I use. I like a good fast action rod with a sink tip. It all comes down to what flies you fish the most, I rarely fish drys so the sink tip works best for me.

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