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Thread: Reel advice?!?

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    Orvis reels are great, I own several of them. That being said the Alpha from Allen Fly Fishing is tough to beat for the price. I have one for my six weight and I love it. PM him here on the forum, he will take care of you.

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    can never go wrong with orvis......might also wanna check out the allen reels they are very good value

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    Quote Originally Posted by araitim View Post
    what about the Alpha from Allen Fly co? i hear they are hard to beat.
    I'll second the Allen Fly Reel. If he enjoys the sport, then go Hardy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shane Stroud View Post
    I'm the resident cheapskate, so here' my plug.

    I can't believe nobody mentioned the Pflueger Medalist. They're great on a 6 WT. Not expensive by any means, but reliable, versatile, and darn near bullet proof.

    If someone were just starting out, and just wanted to get their feet wet (yeah, bad pun) a reel like that could significantly cut their initial costs.

    Thats what i use! I suggested them as well, but he seems to want a higher priced reel.
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    Hi Cool Hand Hodge,

    I have a SA System reel made in England. A good reel that I used in Alaska.

    I think you will be happy with either reel. However I think you would get much more reel for the money from Allen Fly Fishing. The Trout Model 5/7 would be a good choice. In fact I bought one for a 6wt that I have. If you are interested make sure you talk to Justin to get the NAFFF Member discount. You will be surprised at the price of these reels when you see the quality. You can't buy a better reel for the same money. Take a look at this link for comments about the Allen reels.


    Contact Justin here:


    Phone: 574-855-7100

    Allen Fly Fishing Trout Reel
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    I've never tried the Orvis, but I own the SA system 2. I have caught some really nice Smallmouth with it. I love th reel. If I had to pick one it would be the SA reel just because I am very happy with the one I have and know absolutely nothing about the Orvis reel.

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    It appears the Orvis Mid Arbor is gone (they were on sale thei past Fall), and the Orvis Access has replaced it. The Access is lighter than the old Mid Arbor for a given line weight, but the reel diameters may have been downsized. The Orvis Mid Arbor reels I've played with seemed fine, and Orvis reels have a 100% lifetime satistfaction guarantee (replacement, exchange, or money back). The Allen reels certainly look nice, have the right specs, and Joni, Mojo, Frank Whiton, and many others say they love them. The price is crazy low if they're half what everyone says they are. PM Justin for the NAFFF price, as it's much lower than the price on his website.....MUCH

    Someone posted a Hardy Marquis #7 on the classic rod forum today: $95 in good shape.

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