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    Default fly fishing lakes

    so now that its summer and my winter sports are done i think im gonna get into fly fishing. however i do not have the biggest budget, so i cannot afford all the proper gear i will need such as waders. so i think i will try fly fishing in lakes, i have never fly fished a lake before and i am curious as to what i need to look for when finding a spot. and what kind of flies i should use. i am in utah and will be fishing in the provo river area (there is a lake attached). are waders essential to lakes just like a river? or would it be better for me to just go grab a normal rod and reel and fish somewhere?

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    Man thats the great thing about fly fishing, or just fishing, mnay years ago I just had a 30.00 walmart rod (spinning, fly, and casting) a small box of lures, fished ponds, lakes, rivers, and streams and caught fish, a few years back I added waders and now I have a big boat, canoe, waders, rods and reels that go into hundrads of bucks, but I didnt jsut have to run out and get all that to fish. YES waders and boats will help you catch more fish at times and cover more water, but you DONT have to usally have those things to fish and catch fish. In most lakes and even rivers when the summer sun heats up you can even wet wade, just a pair of shorts(fast drying is nice) and old shoes, NEVER wade bare foot, you will end up with a nasty cut. Gte what you can, rod, reel, line, flies, and leaders, then add the rest when you can. Good luck

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    yeah i grew up fishing in the gulf. i know how to deep sea and light tackle fish really well. and i know its not the gear that catches fish although knowing what lures to use does help. but i am TERRIBLE at fresh water fishing. all my old gear is still back in texas and all is geared for salt water. so i need to get some new stuff. i never thought about using a canoe to fish in. maybe i can get my hands on one by the end of the summer. cheapest fly rod i can find is 70 bucks. think ill get that some string and flys and not spend over 120 hopefully.

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    Check out the Redington crosswater outfit, you can get the rod,reel,line,and backing for 100 to just over and they are GOOD starter outfits, my son fishes one in a 9' 5wt. The forum fly shop has them.
    If you really get into it, I would say a 5wt for trout-panfish and a 7wt for bass, but a 6wt is kind of a good middel rod to get strated with.

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