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Thread: NEW 2011 - The best times for fishing

  1. Default NEW 2011 - The best times for fishing

    Hi, I'm new to the forum and a novice fisherman.

    Someone uses solunar tables for fishing? ... A friend says this is the best for fishing. Reliable ?

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    Default Re: NEW 2011 - The best times for fishing

    4 me anytime anyday is a good time to fish but I must say you'll get a better chance
    at catching a fish by following the solunar tables. It doesn't always work even on good
    days u won't catch fish and on bad days a boat load comes in. It's kind of like having a
    lucky fishing hat - IF U BELIEVE. THEY WILL BITE

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    Default Re: NEW 2011 - The best times for fishing

    Over the years, I've seen fishing activity closely follow the solunar tables' predictions. I've also seen the predictions fail miserably. Historically they've proven to be a useful tool for me, but not a silver bullet. Confidence plays an enormous role in this game and if you believe the tables work and use them regularly as part of a comprehensive strategy, you WILL catch more fish.
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    Default Re: NEW 2011 - The best times for fishing

    I'm landlocked..... no use for tidal tables..... I do notice more 'micro' systems at play. ie-- a front moving in, a front moving out, right before/ after a thunderstorm, etc. I watch regional weather more than a solunar approach.

    All this being said, I've caught fish when all of the 'signs' say no way. and I've been skunked when every condition seems perfect.

    I will use weather as an excuse to get out and fish-- 'Oh man, honey... They will be biting like crazy today-- I gotta get out there....' or 'It's gonna rain, won't be able to fish for the next few days-- I better get out while I can-- See you later, dear...'

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    Default Re: NEW 2011 - The best times for fishing

    The most important thing to remeber is that the fish never leave the stream, in most cases. They are always there, regardless, of conditions. If you have the time go fishing, don't stay home cause the conditions are wrong.
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    Default Re: NEW 2011 - The best times for fishing

    John.There are several threads and post on solunar tables on the forum.Any day is a good time to fish,enjoy being on the water

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    Default Re: NEW 2011 - The best times for fishing

    Hi John, welcome to the forum. I used to check the tables, but if there was going to be "stellar" fishing and I couldn't get out, I'd get a little bummed. Finally I just stopped looking at them.

    I just figure that the fish are in there and they need to eat, so they will bite no matter what some table says.
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    Default Re: NEW 2011 - The best times for fishing

    I am also curious about the tables so I take the following approach... I fish whenever I possibly can, and I take note of what the tables say and store it in my memory bank... They don't force me to go when it says it should be good, but as raindogt said, they can provide the excuse to get out and go!

    I think the best approach is the way my uncle treats horoscopes... he reads them everyday on the train home to see what type of day he had...

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    Default Re: NEW 2011 - The best times for fishing

    So when I'm traveling and going to stay a couple days or more I pay attention to the lunar tables...

    And pray for an overcast the whole time I'm at my destination!
    -Tom Wilson
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    Default Re: NEW 2011 - The best times for fishing

    When I was a young semi-amateur bass fisherman, I found and used the solunar tables regularly. I kept a log and compared my actual success with the predicted, and found that they were fairly accurate. However, I couldn't find an explanation for my 'bad' days.

    Then, a few years ago, I saw a Larry Dahlberg show, in which he discussed the tables. Long story short, he mentioned that temperature must be considered along with the tables. To paraphrase, he said that consistent temperatures are as important if not more important in predicting fish activity. he said that, in his experience, consistent temperatures for three or more days would promote greater fish feeding behavior. Conversely, temperatures swings would have an adverse effect on fish activity.

    I've been trying this theory out for the past two years, and so far it seems to be fairly predictable.

    My 2 cents.

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