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    I have been Muskie fishing since 1992 I am a caster at heart, hence the name. I mostly jerk bait fish, however my second love is fly fishing for Steelhead and I have decided to make the commitment to start fly fishing for Muskie, I live in Ohio and fish mostly inland lakes< (Leesville, Satlfork, Westbranch etc) I was wondering if the Orvis 9wt 9ft TLS Power Matrix 909-4 Fly Rod would be a good rod to start with? Or maybe the Orvis T3 10wt 9ft I was going to use my Lamson Litespeed on this rod, but have decieded to maybe get the Batinkill big game large arbor in the 9-11wt. I was hoping to get some feed back on the rod and reel and also what would be the best line to use for this set up?

    I appreciate any advise and welcome all opinions.


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    I would think that with teh size of flies you'll be throwing that the 10wt woudl be the rout to go. The only couple times I fished for muskiy with a fly rod the 8 wt I threw liked to beat the hell out of me with those big flies.
    The Battinkill LA will serve you well, I fish one for bass and striper and love it.
    SA makes a pike/musky tapper line that is pretty good for thrwoing huge flies.
    Good luck and let us know how ya do

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    Thanks for the advise, I am really looking forward to it

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    I use a St Croix 10 wt with the Musky floating line ( I think it is SA). Works real well with the big flies. One thing I learned for a leader is to use the Tyger Wire for a leader. Easy to work with, holds up well, and doesnt affect the action of the fly. My buddy uses 50 lb fluorocarbon and likes that. Best of luck..Scott

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    Quote Originally Posted by Castin Saxton View Post
    Thanks for the advise, I am really looking forward to it
    Your welcome, I have yet to catch a muskie on a fly, have tried a couple times but no luck, it would be awsome to do though. havent tried to much becuse like I said the biggest rod I have is an 8wt but I am adding a 10wt toi my line up soon, so I will try more then.
    Good luck

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    Saxton, I am moving out to the Dayton area from Cali and I have heard some good things about salt fork and leesville... Alum creek too. Any how, I like the Redington Predator 10 wt with a sage 330 grain bass line. I totally agree that the Orvis Battenkill is great.

    The rod is great because its got great backbone to horse fish out. I say this because i had quite the experience with a big fish on the Little Miami that broke me off (arguably a muskie because distance from leader too tail was 2+ feet. ).

    Would like to fish Ceasars Creek Lake, Alum, Leesville and the Greater Miami. Let me know if you ever want to hit the water together because i will be looking for fishing buddies.

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    I'm in the market for a 10 wt rod for musky fishing and I think I have it narrowed down to Redington's Predator or St. Croix's Imperial. Anyone have some input on either rod? I also visit southern florida at least once a year and would like to use the rod for tarpon too. I like the idea of a shorter rod, but not sure if it will cut down casting distance too much. Most likely I won't need to cast more than 50-60 ft. Any info would help.

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    Hey Friend,

    I have the Predator 10 wt and it is a cannon of a rod. Chucks sinking lines like a champ and throws a 12 inch muskie streamer no sweat. I would suggest pairing it with a sage bass taper 330 grain floating line. It is accurate. When you are working in tight spots it is a really good rod. The only drawback to the rod is that when you are using a heavy weighted fly you have the potential of smacking yourself. A Belgian casting stroke is a must with this rod. I definitely love this rod and it can put the screws to any big fish.

    Another rod that is awesome is the ECHO Ion 10 wt. It is really good too. It's 9 foot lenght and stiffer properties make it a great muskie stick.

    P.S Use a t-300 line too.

    Blessings and lots of fish... same thing i guess,


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    Can anyone comment on casting this kind of setup? How hard is it on your body? I am an older guy and my body starts to complain pretty quick, I can go all day with a 5 wt, but this sounds a lot different.

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    Default Re: Muskie fly rod setup

    RayMO- i haven't fished for muskies, but use 10, 11 and 12 weights a lot.

    It can get tiring, especially if you're blind casting all day (much easier with a 10 weight compared to either an 11 or 12) as opposed to sight fishing and casting to tarpon for example on the flats only when actually you see them. Blind casting would probably be much more common fishing for muskies or fishing sinking lines, and I do a lot of it with a 10 weight chasing stripers here in the Northeast.

    Where many folks go wrong is trying to muscle the cast, using strength and arm/shoulder power instead of a smooth relaxed stroke using proper timing. It's easy to get tennis elbow and other ailments casting heavier weights and it's probably something that should be worked up to gradually with some practice. But again, easy does it. Practice casting using a a minimum of false casts with an easy stroke relying on timing, smooth acceleration and firm stops on the back and forward strokes rather than brute strength.

    Add a double haul for extra distance once you can consistently hit 70 feet or so with out it.

    I'm not a Dr. and don't even play one on TV, but here are some exercises that seemed to help me. If you have access to a gym, exercises that work the triceps like reverse curls seemed to really help. A simple exercise you can do at home is using a short length of broomstick or heavy dowel, a rope and a heavy weight. Tie one end of the rope to the weight (3-5lbs or so to start, could be a plastic bag with soup cans etc). The other end of the rope is tied to the middle of the broomstick/dowel. Grab the broom stick with both hands. knuckles up, hold it out in front of you, and lift the weight off the floor by winding the rope around the broom stick. Do this a few times, winding the weight up and down to build up wrist and arm strength. This will help you make sudden stops at the end of your stroke that will really add distance to your cast.

    Good luck

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