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    Default first fish on fly line

    got out today for the first time fly fishing. had 4 fish on my line 1st one i pulled to hard and broke the line. 2nd wasnt on to good. 3rd i got in and 4th was a jumper and deserved to get off my line with that fight. over all had a really fun day.

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    Default Re: first fish on fly line

    Congrats! I am fairly new to fly fishing myself, having caught four California native rainbow so far. Its a blast.

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    Default Re: first fish on fly line

    Hi Mac,

    Great job. At your young age there will be many days ahead with many more fish. Your catch rate will go up with some practice.

    Try not to get too excited and don't horse the fish. It is great that you are analyzing each catch. Keep track in your mind what you did right or wrong and grow that knowledge.

    Thanks for the picture.


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    Default Re: first fish on fly line

    Mac: Sounds like you had a great outing, congrats! Very nice work on the photo, keep up the good work.


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    Congrats on your first fish! This is my second season fly fishing and I'm documenting it in a blog. Check it out at:

    Happy casting!

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    Default Re: first fish on fly line

    Mac- congrats on the fish. If you still have it, I always recommend retiring the fly you caught your first fish on--- it'll give you some fond memories to look back on when you're old and gray like me.


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