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    Default Invasive Species

    Now that spring is finally here I thought I'd post this to remind everyone to act responsibly & clean their equipment when traveling between watersheds
    ...Sanitizing Wading Equipment - WDTU. Up in the Catskills there is evidence of Didymo & also in the upper Delaware river. I realize that waterfowl will continue to spread the invasive species no matter what we do but I feel we must do what we can.
    There is a lot of talk on this forum about felt soles being phased out & everyone replacing them with the new rubber soles available but what about the boots themselves. I thought I'd be a responsible person & pick up a pair of LL Beans studded Aquastealth soled boots & I'm happy with the way they grab the bottom but as far as not transporting invasive species the tops are made of a canvas like material which is pretty absorbant & I think that it will carry as much junk as the felt. Also my waders have neopreme booties & seams & a double knee area. My net is cotton mesh, & my wading staff is hollow. I take stream temperatures so I carry a thermometer & use it between watersheds. I use the same flies between watersheds. I take my 15 year old dog with me sometimes & he likes to wade & swim & lay in the water & keep an eye on me. Where do I stop with the disinfecting. (Max the wonderdog won't let me bleach him) . I travel to different areas too often to disinfect between trips. I guess I'll just have to get a second set of everything if I want to be sure it's not me who ruins my favorite water. What does everyone think / do about this issue????

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    Default Re: Invasive Species

    It's definately a concern but I rarely visit 2 different watersheds on the same day and I rinse my waders before hanging them up when I get home. As far as flies and other items are concerned I would think that after a day of two they would dry out and anything on them would be dead by the time I use them again.
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    Default Re: Invasive Species

    Although expensive, I just burn all my stuff (waders, boots, flies) and go get new stuff.....

    Just kidding, I'm too damn poor for that.
    It's not the heat, it's the stupidity.
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