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    OK, talking to diffrent fishermen and ladies I have figured out that almost every one has a fly that they look down on, for what ever reason. I got ribbed a little about haveing a box of buggers on my lanyard the other day(no it didnt bother me) I know the guy and he was only giveing me a hard time, but talking with him he woudl just as soon not fish as throw a bugger. I dont know if some think some flies are for kids or beginers or they arent hard enough to ty or what the deal is, so heres my ? for ya'all.
    What fly(if any) do you kinda look down and why? I know the san juan worm, the egg's, and a couple others are kinda commen to hear people talk smack about.
    P.S. I have none, unless its a fly smeared with worm or scent or with treble hooks or live bait or power bait stuck on the hook lol

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    Gosh Brandon, I don't know that I have any that I wouldn't fish with if the fish want them. I'll fish worms or eggs, but nymphing isn't my first option normally.

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    I hear ya John, I am like you. I'll fish what ever fly is working although I would reather fish a dry. I dont care if its a bass blowing up on a popper or a trout sipping a dry, there is just that something about seeing that happen that makes my heart skip a beat.

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    No such thing as a bad fly!!! Unless it does not catch fish of course!!! LOL.
    My worst day on the water beats my best day anywhere else hands down!!

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    If there is a fly to be looked down upon it has got to be the Pink Weenie! That is until you take it to a little brook trout stream and catch fish on it all day long.

    I tie my Weenies on size 12 and 14 curved nymph hooks and add a gold bead. They take about a minute to tie.

    The key to fishing this fly is avoiding telling anyone else that you might meet on the stream that you are fishing a Pink Weenie!

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    look down on buggers?!?! haha thats my "go to" fly for bass, crappie, and gills when they arent hitting dry flies!

    I know some people rip on foam bodied flies, but I love using those too!

    i will use anything pretty much except, like bear said, flies with bait on them lol. then i just use my spinnig set up.

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    i look down upon the fly in my jeans.

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