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Thread: Possible New Generation plant on LMFR

  1. Default Possible New Generation plant on LMFR

    The city of Broken Bow is once again trying to convert the Re-Rig Dam located at he lower end of zone two on the Lower Mountain Fork River trout fishery into a hydropower facility.

    Bill Smith, engineer for the project spoke at the quarterly meeting of Lower Mountain Fork River Foundation to explain the project. Mr Smith explained that the City does realize the importance of the trout fishery and of the canoe concession that opereates in zone 3 of the Lower Mountain Fork River. Mr. Smith explained how the generation schedule at the Re-rig Dam could be programed to enhance the fishery and make all waters above and below the dam more useful to every one..He asked for support from the LMFRF in working out the proper schedules for reduced flow during fishing hours. While the Broken Bow dam often generates for only 3 hour periods, the Re-rig dam would begin several hours earlier, draw down the Re-rig lake to allow for up stream releases from BB dam, then control the lower release for our needs..

    It almost sounds to good to be true. This has potential to really improve our zone 3 fishery.Construction could be finished in about 4 years.

    Another project in Zone 1 is the Evening Hole Project. This project is about to begin and should be complete by years end according to Paul B. of the Oklahoma dept of Wildlife.. The project has changed some since its conception to maintain a beautiful stream and even add a small stream fishing experience adjacent to the Old steam bed..I hope to see you all on the Lower Moutain Fork in the future. Our stream is the best trout stream in the State of Oklahoma.. mike

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    Default Re: Possible New Generation plant on LMFR

    WOW! That does sound like all good news. I really may have to stop making fun of our northern neighbor state now after this and my good OK parks experience of late.

    I ended up bailing on my trip up there to fish the one fly tourney because it was supposed to pour, was already pouring, and didn't really want to drive 6 hrs rndtrp to get to fish chocolate milk for 6 hrs. Anyway, I had a reservation for a room at the lakeview lodge and was allowed to cancel it that day for no cost. I was amazed and quite pleased.

    Hey Mike, can y'all run our parks as well? Y'all sure seem to have it figured out. Thanks to you for encouraging the OK parks folks to do all this stuff that we all benefit from.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    Hey Mike... thanks for the update. Please keep us informed on the happenings on the LMFR. Many of us on this forum consider that as our home trout water.

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    It will be interesting to see how this plays out. I'm not sure I as rosie about this project as some are. For instance when the generators are in place and the profit is not rolling in like the city thought it would, who's to say they would not go to thier voters (city of Broken Bow) and request that the re-reg lake be backed up to the OPD? (In other words making wading in zone 2 impossible.) They could still bill this as a benifit to the trout in having more and colder water in the summertime but the only access would be by boat, it would end up being a poor Okie's White River. Who's also to say the city of Broken Bow won't forfiet thier use of the re-reg power plant once it has been built and ownership goes to a company that has no interest in fishing or canoes and only cares about the bottom line. Also notice how the city is increasing the time line to get the generators in sooner? If the cold water project went ahead first there would be more sympathy for the trout program than if the generators went in first. Remember this whole trout stocking program in Oklahoma was billed as solely a put and take venture with zone 2 being nothing more that a wildlife department experiment. I would imagine if the right or wrong politician came along, hydropower and the profits it generated would take a front seat to costly state parks, seasonal tourism and trout.

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    Default Re: Possible New Generation plant on LMFR

    I think idabelangler raises valid points as well. I could easily see how all that he mentioned could happen. The city might also consider making a dammed up section of the river only fishable by a limited number of boats with a certain permit, controlling the amount of traffic on the river and creating income through the sale of permits. If the trout in that section get huge, I could see how it could become a highly regarded "trophy" fishery as well.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    I did not reveal all the data shared with us at the meeting of the Lower Mountain Fork River Foundation by Mr. Smith. In the permit application it requires the city to have a working relationship with other interests that use the water, including the Okla Dept of Wildlife, the sportsman, and the canoe concessions. All these interests have to heard and considered in the operation of this particular generation permit. I am one to voice my opinion when I feel I am being trod upon unfairly. How ever in the larger scheme of things I feel optomistic about this project..I asked Mr. Smith who we would contact to make adjustments to the generation schedule once the project has been under operation for a a while and that agency would be the city of Broken Bow.. This city is big on tourism and the bucks that go with it. mike

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    Has the Lower Mountain Fork River Foundation yet adopted an official position on this situation?

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    Our Chairman Chris White is currently drafting a letter that states our support of the project given the paramaters whitch will state the maximum water flow that our members feel are safe for fishing. These maximum daytime flow in cubic feet will be determined in the next few weeks and made a part of the application.. Mike love, board member LMFRF

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    Again that's just an agreement with the city of Broken Bow, if they drop the ball there are a list of other entities chomping at the bit to put generators in the re-reg dam. Plus have we ever encountered a politician that would lie? Heaven forbid

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    I have heard this kind of news before and it never ended good for the anglers who trusted the authorities. The foundation needs to get guarantees in writing. I spent 6 years fishing the LMF when I lived in Dallas (my friends still do) and I would hate to hear that the river stopped being fishable because we as anglers did not do everything we could to make sure we were protected
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