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    Default Carrying Tippet s

    I usually fish pretty light and carry a Fishpond bag. I am starting to get a little crowded in the bag and need to organize my spools of tippet material. How do you all carry yours. Don't really want a lanyard around the neck.

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    Default Re: Carrying Tippet s

    I like the horizontal- Mountain River Lanyards: Tippet Carriers

    Mine's on a butt pack, not sure I'd like it so well on a chest pack. Then again, I don't ever want a chest pack so we'z all good.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    I just thread my spools on a peice of 6mm accessory cord. Usually, I carry the bundle in a vest pocket but sometimes I'll clip it on a cheapy small aluminum carabiner on a vest D ring.
    Cliff's tippet lanyard thing looks pretty good too. I might just have to check that out.

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    Default Re: Carrying Tippet s

    I still prefer vests, and my William Joseph Fusion Vest has six built-in tippit spool holders inside two of the flybox pockets. I use three for 5-7x Frogs Hair mono and the other three for 5-7x Frogs Hair fluoro.
    On the whole, I'd rather be in Wyoming . . .

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    Default Re: Carrying Tippet s

    My personal favorite solution is a model similar to the tippet post shown but it uses a nylon sleeve protected cord "post" rather than a metal post--unfortunately no longer available from Mayfly.

    Welcome to Mayfly

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    Default Re: Carrying Tippet s

    I just carry 3-6X spools in one of my vest pockets. I'll often add a section
    of 5X tippet to a 4X leader, rather than changing the leader itself. If I'm using
    one of my knotted leaders, say 4X, and need a 3X leader, I snip off the 4X
    tippet, and add 20" of 3X. If I need a 5X leader, I'll snip off all but 6" of the
    4X tippet, and add 20" of 5X, and so on with 6X: snip off all but 6" of 4X, tie
    in 6" of 5X, and then add a 20" tippet section of 6X.

    Having written all that, I've been using knotless leaders lately, so my handy
    formula above isn't much good to me. I can rig up a 3X knotless leader so
    that it tapers down to a 5X, so...........

    One thing I can say about where to hang stuff, is try to avoid hanging
    things on the same side as your casting arm. Line just seems to get hung
    up on my right side, but YMMV.

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    I carry them in my vest pocket bunched in "3's" 4x/5x/6x Rio Fluoro spools which interlock.....these are the sizes I use the most. I'm wary of using some device whereby the spools are hanging outside and off my vest exposed to the sun all day - since to keep the material longer lasting they recommend keeping it out of direct sunlight.

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    Default Re: Carrying Tippet s

    For the price I think I will try one of the verticle lanyards. The one Cliff showed looks good and I have seen a few on Ebay. Actually the one Orevis sells does not look bad either. I figured there would be a few guys on the board that made custom ones.

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    Default Re: Carrying Tippet s

    The simpler the outfit, the more skill it takes to manage it, and the more pleasure one gets in his achievements. --- Horace Kephart

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    Default Re: Carrying Tippet s

    Hmmmm.....I would get one of the hanging thingies if 1) I were a guide; 2) I
    changed flies a LOT; 3) ....I don't really have any more reasons .

    I think the sort of quick access that the hanging spool thing gives is really only useful if you're changing flies often, and then only if you're changing
    tippet size as well. With a 20"-24" tippet section, you should be able to change flies several times before adding more tippet. I hang only 3 things
    from my vest: a pair of hemostats, a pair of nippers, and a hook hone. A net
    is carried sometimes. I like Rip Tide's link to the spool wallet, and I store
    mine flat, not stacked. Doesn't the Fishpond have mesh pockets for leaders?

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