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    Default 20+ Year Old Princess

    Hello All,

    It has been some time since I have been online so I want to wish everyone a happy new year and hope all is well.

    I purchased a reel from a gentleman today that was given to him by his father. It is a Hardy Princess in unused condition.... Yeah... I know! He told me his father purchased it in England about 20 + years ago.
    He was just never into fly fishing, so he decided to let it go. I am now in a dilemma. Should I fish this reel, like it should be fished. Or... should I find a collector for it. It came in the box, pouch unwrinkled. Clean as hell. I don't quite feel right about lining it up. I have it sitting on the coffee table, in the box and I can just look at it, play with it. I have received good advise from you ladies and gents before, and would like to hear your thoughts!

    As always, Thanks all for your feedback. I know your out there somewhere Ard!, Hope all is well!

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    Default Re: 20+ Year Old Princess

    I say if you don't need the money or want to sell it to get something else it was made for fish'n so fish it. However if its worth a lot of money I say sell it. I'm not much into holding on to stuff I'm not using, unless it appreciates in value.
    -Tom Wilson
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    Default Re: 20+ Year Old Princess

    If you are looking for someone to sell it to, look up Adams Angling based out of Berkley. Either Jim will buy it from you or sell it on consignment. He will be at the Fly Fishing Show at Pleasanton at the end of February, so he will have a large crowd to sell it for you.

    Personally, I would get myself an old school glass or cane five or six weight rod, and use the reel with it. It would be a timeless outfit.


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    Default Re: 20+ Year Old Princess

    I have a Princess and have fished with it since I got it. They are about the perfect size reel for either a five or six weight rod of any make. Unless the springs have been compressed for the past 20 years you should find a very good range of tension control for the spool also. Typically a Princess in unused condition will sell around 300 dollars.


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    Default Re: 20+ Year Old Princess

    There are several on ebay right now. The made in England reels don't sell for more than the new models, and there's a really nice specimen that ends in 36 hours (up to $53). I'm with MP. It's a good excuse to buy a nice cane rod.

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    Default Re: 20+ Year Old Princess

    I have pulled it out of the box about 3 times, played with it and put it back in. Im going to keep it. Damn, I just cant believe the reel has not ever been fished! She is a VIRGIN!! I think I am going to get me a little Fenwick graphite, 7wt. for some Coastal steelhead (half pounders). I have to get some extra spools as well. I have been trying to find some online, but they are a little hard to come by. I am going to a fly fishing show a little closer to home in March. There I will be able to meet Jim Adams and discuss some things with him.
    Fishing the reel will only be a matter of time!

    Thanks for your input every one.

    anyone know where i might look for some extra spools? i need a 3-1/2! Thanks!

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    Default Re: 20+ Year Old Princess

    try ebay. i've seen all kinds of hardy reels/spools there.


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    Default Re: 20+ Year Old Princess

    I will keep my eyes peeled!

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    Default Re: 20+ Year Old Princess

    Absolutely fish it.
    Lee Orr - Maker
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    Default Re: 20+ Year Old Princess

    I agree, fish it. There were millions of them made, most are still in excellent shape and I doubt they'll ever be worth that much as collector items.

    I have a couple of LRH Lightweights and they are good reels for fishing in fresh water.


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