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Thread: head lamps?

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    Default head lamps?

    i was wondering if anyone uses a headlamp for fly fishing applications? i have a petzl that i use all the time for camping and other outdoor activities, but have never used for fishing. thoughts?

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    Default Re: head lamps?

    As you know Casey I am from the greatland and most of the time I am fly fishing it is light late out if it gets dark at all. That being said I always have one in my vest. I think any of the modern LED work fine, the one I have which is also a Petzl has a red lamp and strobe. While I havent needed them for survival purposes, I can see where having a strobe will come in handy. I have used my plenty of times hiking in and out of locations, and tying knots etc in low light. For me it is a dont leave home without item in my vest.

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    Default Re: head lamps?

    I keep a Pelican LED light in my vest. Will clamp onto the bill of my cap or vest.

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    Default Re: head lamps?

    I have had a petzl head lamp for years, they are great

    On one occasion I was in a new spot, it was a flatish braided river. well a rise started just before dark and I thought heck Ive got a light Ill be right.
    When the rise stopped it was well dark (alot more than it should be i thought in the south where Im from it wont get that dark you cant find your way around). well I put my light on and on the shingle bed (river gravel) every direction looked the same so I started walking up stream and getting the feeling that I was screwed the truck was some distance from the river and I was not going to just come accross it a real sence of panic started in me, eventualy I found it but it was just luck it was late dark and very cold

    From that time on I have carried a powerful spot light (it is 18 high power LEDs with 6aaa batterys lasts 2hrs) that will reflect off the truck at 1/4 mile (that is how I found it but at 40 ft).

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    Default Re: head lamps?

    I use a ball cap that has a couple of LEDs in the bill.
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    Default Re: head lamps?

    I have a cap with 2 leds built in also, but I carry a little clip on with 3 leds in my vest in case I am wearing a different hat. This clip on saved me from a rattler on the way back to the truck one day.


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    Default Re: head lamps?

    I use a head lamp when I'm fishing during Hex time here in MI. If you use a red lense when you need light it won't affect your night vision.


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    Default Re: head lamps?

    I fish at night all the time. I don't use a head lamp, but I carry two flashlights. A thumbnail sized single LED on a zinger in a pocket, in my vest and a mini-mag on a cord around my neck.
    The last thing you want is to walk around with a light on, alerting the fish to your presence and ruining your night vision.
    When you need to check your fly or fix a tangle, turn around, exit the water if possible, and use the smallest amount of illumination to do the job, a red lense with help to save your night vision.
    When it's time to go, use the larger light to find your way.
    You could use a head lamp if that's convenient for you, for for me it would be it the way for the majority of the night
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    Default Re: head lamps?

    I began using one of the type that strap around your about 6-7 years ago. I was doing a lot of smallmouth fishing on the Schuylkill River, and had to hike about 3/4 of a mile to get to the good spots. It doesn't sound like much, but there is a lot of debris along that stretch, and walking in the dark it tough. That light eventually gave out, and I bought a Princeton Tec model. Much nicer, and much more bright at half the size. That light was made in the USA, but the newer models are now made in China. I buy U.S. made products whenever possible, so I can't recommend the Princeton Tec unless there isn't an alternative. I can recommend carrying a head lamp in your vest, however.

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    Default Re: head lamps?

    Hi Everyone,

    We should all be carrying a light of some kind if there is any chance you will be caught in the dark. Here is a thread that reviews a lot of different lights. You should be able to find something that fits your needs.

    Lights for the Trail


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