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bekiu002 05-08-2009 02:44 PM

Newbie Gear
Hello Everyone,
Very new to fly fishing and to this forum. I have been looking at one of the starter cabelas outfits for a rod and reel most likely in 6wf with line and leader. I plan on fishing mostly for pan fish and small mouth bass in the rum river in my home town. What are some good flies including sizes? And what other gear/tools do I need to get started? Very new so anything suggestions or advice is welcome and appreciated.

Softouch333 05-15-2009 06:24 AM

Re: Newbie Gear
Welcome to fly fishing. My two cents:
1. Inexpensive 6 weight rod. Fun with sun fish and big enough for most small mouth. Cheapest reel that turns smoothly.
2. 3 and 4x tippet.
3. Small hemostat with scissors built in or nippers, your call.
4. Flies: Yellow poppers or sliders size 10 or 12, Black wooly buggers size 8, any hairy looking nymph with a little color/flash in size 12 and 14 (Like a gold ribbed hare ear.) A Parachute Adams size 14 when you want to try a few trout but also sun fish will hit.
5. Strike indicator (bobber) I think the Thing-ma-bobber in the smallest size would be a good choice.
6. Consider getting a 20/20 (brand does make a difference here) fly threader or use a needle threader from a sewing kit. Threading your fly is one of the early frustrations.
7. Learn the hemostat Uni knot for any kind of tying task.

You could fish with just that set up for a long time.

Ard 05-20-2009 01:01 PM

Re: Newbie Gear

I think Softtouch pretty well covered the question and if I were you I would do as he suggests.

peregrines 05-20-2009 03:56 PM

Re: Newbie Gear
Bekiu, you've gotten great advice.

I'd just add a few things:

7 1/2 foot monofilament leader tapered to 3X ( you'd attach 2' or so of level tippet to the end of this from the tippet spools that Softouch suggested with a double Surgeon's knot.)

A fly floatant for dry flies like the Adams- Something like DAB, which is an inexpensive paste type thing in an orange plastic container that hangs from your vest. You dip your finger in get a bit on and and smush it into the fly's body and hackle. It'll help keep them afloat when you're fishing for bluegills and trout.

A couple more flies that would be good for smallmouth to add to your box:

a couple clousers (they have a bit of weight usually lead or brass eyes that cause the hook to flip and ride point up so). Chartruese and brown over orange (for crayfish) would be good choices.

Something that suspends a bit for fishing shallower than the bugger or clouser- I'd go with a black marabou muddler size 6 or so. It pushes a lot of water, has a lot of movement, and it's a good fly to fish around snags and undercut backs by dropping back in the current. It's also a good fly for large trout as well as smallmouth.

As it gets warmer and moves into summer, fishing some top water stuff for smallmouth can be a blast- grasshopper patterns, gurglers or crazy looking stuff with rubber legs like a Madam X twitched along the surface can be fun to fish on summer evenings. You might want to add something like that down the road.


Mnflyfish 05-20-2009 10:18 PM

Re: Newbie Gear
If you have been looking at cabelas, you probably seen the Genesis package. $149.99 - $159.99. It has most everything you need to get out and fish. I wish I had seen it befor I bought what I have. If you havnt seen it try this link.

Cabela's Genesis&#8482 Fly-Fishing Outfits

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