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    Hi, I'm looking to start fishing Pitsford Reservoir this year as i no longer appear to have the time to match fish due to family commitments, so i will need gear and frankly havent got a clue. Some ideas about rods,reels,line, any books that will cover basics like Knots etc would be much appreciated. I'm not looking at spending a fortune just yet but my wife is already thinking 'here we go again, another hobby!!'
    I will book myself a lesson at said fishery for Feb, I would imagine they will help me with all this but I tend to throw myself into these things and get totally absorbed so anything that you think would benefit me would be great. Be warned i get a little obsesive about these things, so prepare for a bombardment of questions in the not to distant future. Fantastic site!!

    Many thanks in advance

    Chris White

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    Chris...not sure reservoir has the same meaning in europe and in the US...anyway it's a lake...I use 10' and 11' rods 6/7 three reels one with a floating line,one with a sinking,one with an intermediate,you can get good stuff at a very reasonable price.You'll find plenty of patterns,infos about knots and stillwaters fishing on the forum.Feel free to ask questions...lots of helpful people here

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    Chris welcome to the forum, glad you found us.

    We have members from all over the world, so feel free to ask questions here- I'm sure you'll have a bunch of them, and folks on the forum are pretty helpful to folks starting out. We also have a lot of info you may find helpful in our FAQ section and I'm sure you'll find a lot of useful stuff in past threads as you browse around.

    Pitsford Reservoir is a pretty well known fly fishing spot in the UK, so you may also be interested in info from our UK based sister site. Also, if you're in the UK folks on that site could give you some good suggestions on tackle that might be easier and less expensive to get in the UK and be able to steer you to some good local fly shops near you.

    Here's a thread on Pitsford from the UK site:
    Pitsford Reservoir - Tackle help please! - Fly Fishing Forums

    But feel free to pop in here too-- and ask as many questions as you like.

    Good luck!

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    Hi Chris,

    When you post specific questions you will get answers but get to know the "Search" feature because you can find many topics discussed in depth among the thousands of threads here. The site is a great place to find the information you are after.

    Good to have you,


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    Chris. Good to have you here. Your in the right place if you're obsessive, and get addicted to your hobbies.

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