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Thread: new member - first post

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    Jan 2011
    southern Ohio

    Default new member - first post

    I'd like to say hello to everyone and give a brief introduction.

    I'm a self-employed plumber from southern Ohio, and manage to get some fishing in during the spring through fall seasons.
    I've been fly fishing for a few years now, and with the exception of a couple baitcaster outfits I still use on occasion for catfishing, the fly rod is my go-to method for most of my fishing.
    My fishing is mostly lakes and ponds close to home, with a little creek fishing thrown in when the opportunity arises.
    I spend a lot of time casting to panfish (bluegill and crappie) with a few trips to target bass for a change of pace.
    I most often use a 3wt (Sage Vantage) for panfish and a 6wt (Ross FlyStik) when the wind is strong or I'm after bass.
    I tie my own flies and make my own leaders to get me through the winter months when the ice is on the water. (like it is today)

    I look forward to having this forum to expand my knowledge of fly fishing, and look forward to exchanging thought and ideas with all of you!

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    Languedoc/near montpellier
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    Default Re: new member - first post

    Wabilook forward to seeing your reports and pics.

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    Jun 2009
    Berks, PA
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    Default Re: new member - first post

    Greetings! You've come to the right place; there's a great bunch of people on here.

    If you're from OH, have you ever had a chance to get up to the Great Lakes for the steelie run? If not, you should try it in the spring. Hooking those is a thrill of a lifetime....
    Anthony Laurence
    Web Developement and Design
    FlyFishinado - My Fly Fishing Blog

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    Default Re: new member - first post

    New members are the best thing that happen here almost. What's even better is when you become an active participant and we all get to know you sort of...........

    Welcome to the forum,


    Anywhere can be the land of great expectations, broken dreams, or paradise found, it's all up to you.

    Life On The Line - Alaska Fishing with Ard
    Ard's Forum blog, Alaska Outdoors

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    Default Re: new member - first post

    Welcome to the forum wabi. I've seen you on OGF.
    One Out Of Four People In This Country Is Mentally Unbalanced.
    Think Of Your 3 Closest Friends...
    If They Seem Okay,
    Then You're The One!!!!!

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    Jun 2008

    Default Re: new member - first post

    Hey Wabi welcome aboard, glad you found us. We have a bunch of folks on the forum from Ohio, as well as a lot of fly tyers and folks on here that chase bass and panfish so you'll fit right in.

    Looking forward to your posts.

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    Default Re: new member - first post

    Hello Wabi, Happy to see you join us. Like the others have said, can't wait to read your reports and maybe see some of those flies and leaders you've been tying.

    It's not what I catch when I'm fishing, it's what I lose that matters to me...
    Good decisions come from experience...Experience comes from bad decisions...

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    Default Re: new member - first post

    WELCOME !!!!

    Be prepared to log onto this site .. DAILY .. it, like fishing is an addiction

    Gordon in NC
    If you are going to try cross-country skiing ... start with a small country.

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    Jan 2011
    southern Ohio

    Default Re: new member - first post

    Thanks for all the welcomes!

    Looks like this may be the place for me to spend a lot of my time for the next few weeks. Took a drive today and open water is scarce right now.

    My posts will be a bit limited for a few days, though. Had some minor surgery last week, nothing serious, but the location makes sitting a real pain!
    (A cyst removed from my hip, but it turned out to be imbedded in scar tissue and the doctor had to make a big incision to get it all out.) At least it's over with and I'll have plenty of time to heal so I won't miss any fishing.

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    Pinedale, WY
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    Default Re: new member - first post

    Wabi: Welcome to the forum, looking forward to hearing about your fishing. Here's to a speedy recovery from surgery!


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