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    Default Fishing the Sage ZXL on a Lake

    I decided to try our new submersible camera (Olympus 850SW) on Mother's
    Day. Here's my wife with her Sage ZXL 8'6" 5wt. Her casting improved
    miraculously after about 30 seconds when she began using this rod, and it
    was worth every cent. I wish I had a before video, and you could really see
    the difference. If I sound like I'm giving too much direction, she'd cast to the
    same spot all day otherwise .

    YouTube - P5100003

    P.S. She's casting a wooly bugger on a 7 1/2' 4X leader. She's also stripping line way too fast, but this video
    was made so that she could see herself casting. There were some serious LMB jumping to my left, and I wanted
    to cast to them ASAP !!!!

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    Default Re: Fishing the Sage ZXL on a Lake

    Frank: It looks like your wife is getting the hang of it. Here casting with the new Sage ZXL looks pretty nice.


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    Default Re: Fishing the Sage ZXL on a Lake

    Hi Larry,
    Yeah! She does catch fish, but nothing in that clip. We stayed until she caught a decent sized crappie, but that was about 8:15pm. She gets bummed
    if she leaves without catching something .

    Here's a nice LMB she caught in the same spot last year:

    She was using another 8 1/2' 5wt when she caught that, but her casting
    was terrible...really. We were fishing from a canoe when she caught that, and
    she was able to use the rod more as a flipping stick.

    BTW...When I said. "You can false cast" in the youtube video, I meant to
    say shoot line.

    P.S. If it sounds like my wife has an accent, she does .

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